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  • Starbucks is taking a lot of heat from consumers lately. 
    Multiple organizations, including OCA, have appealed to CEO Howard Schultz to switch to organic milk.
    And recently, hundreds of thousands of consumers signed petitions, including ours, demanding Starbucks drop out of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), a lobbying group that is suing Vermont to overturn its GMO labeling law.
    It’s no wonder Starbucks is looking for ways to polish its image. And it found one. Problem is, it doesn't address the real issues.

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  • If Stonyfield can do it, so can the other Big Three Organic Dairies.
    On December 5 (2014), Stonyfield Farm resigned from the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), a trade group that is suing Vermont to overturn the state’s GMO labeling law, passed earlier this year.

    The resignation came about five months after OCA and a number of our allies sent an open letter to four leading organic dairy companies—Stonyfield, Organic Valley, White Wave/Horizon Organic and Aurora Organic Dairy—demanding they withdraw their membership in the IDFA. 
    Last week, we sent a second letter, to Marc Peperzak, CEO, Aurora Organic Dairy; Scott McGinty, President, Aurora Organic Dairy;  George Siemon, CEO, Organic Valley; and Gregg Engles, Chairman & CEO, White Wave, telling them that all we want for Christmas is for them to do the right thing—resign immediately from the IDFA.
    TAKE ACTION: Tell Organic Valley, White Wave/Horizon Organic, and Aurora Organic Dairy: All we want for Christmas is for them to do the right thing and quit the IDFA today.

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  • December 16, 2014
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Ronnie Cummins

    Marching and chanting (“Change the System, not the Climate!”), an energetic and colorful corps of indigenous people, campesinos, students, union members, and climate activists make our way through the traffic-clogged streets of Lima, from the Campo de Marte to the Plaza San Martin. Today’s “Mega-March,” 15,000 strong, is both invigorating and frustrating.

    Invigorating to take to the streets with a growing international Movement.

    Frustrating to realize that we are still losing the battle.

    We need to move beyond the dull, disempowering messages of “climate change mitigation” and “climate change adaptation” to boldly stating that we are part of a growing global Movement that has the ability to reverse global warming, rejuvenate soil fertility, restore forests, stop the melting of the polar ice caps, and eliminate rural poverty and malnutrition in the Global South, where the majority of the world’s population live.

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  • December 11, 2014

    Technically, we lost. By about 800 votes. A fraction of a percentage point.
    But we’ll never really know. Because this week, a judge in Oregon ruled against a lawsuit filed this week by the YES on 92 Campaign. The suit would have required the state to count the 4600 votes that election officials threw out—because they said the signatures on the ballot envelopes didn’t match the signatures on the voters’ registration cards.
    Monsanto and Big Food will claim victory. But they are losing. Vermont's GMO labeling law is solid, and will soon be enforced. Sales of organics continue to outpace sales of their GMO junk food. Companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills are struggling. Hershey's just announced it will drop high-fructose (GMO) corn syrup from its products. The United Nations has declared that small, organic farmers, not Monsanto, will feed the world. 
    Thank you to all of you who helped run a spectacular campaign in Oregon.

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  • Singer/songwriter Neil Young recently struck a sour note with Starbucks when he wrote that he’d waited in line for his last cup of Joe imprinted with the famous mermaid logo.
    It seems Young learned that Starbucks is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the multi-billion-dollar lobbying group that is suing to overturn Vermont’s GMO labeling law.
    Starbucks took offense, claiming that Young, and the boycott petition he signed, were wrong. When that wasn’t enough to cool the media attention, the GMA chimed in: "Neither Starbucks nor Monsanto is participating in our lawsuit to overturn Vermont's GMO labeling law."

    Nice try. Fact is, corporations join lobbying groups like the GMA so they can maintain a consumer-friendly image while the lobbying group does the dirty work for them. Case in point: When Washington State sued the GMA for money laundering, the GMA defended its creation of the “Defense of Brand Strategic Account” to “better shield individual companies from attack,” by claiming that the lobbying group speaks “with one voice” for its members.

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  • The Millions Against Monsanto Campaign was started by OCA in the mid 1990's to fight back against the infamous biotech bully Monsanto.

  • You can help protect the bees by choosing organic food, grown without these toxic insecticides, and planting bee friendly gardens.

  • Traditional carbon ranching, or the rotational grazing of animals on deep-rooted perennial grasses, in combination with organic crop cultivation, reforestation, and wetland restoration can restabilize the climate and save the planet.

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