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Virginia Woman May Have Human Form of Mad Cow Disease

PORTSMOUTH, Va. -- A 22-year-old Portsmouth woman is close to dying, and family says doctors believe the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease could be the reason.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease , or CJD, is so rare that there has only been one other possible case ever in the United States.

The Portsmouth Health Department is looking into the case because the variant form of the disease comes from eating infected meat, and Aretha Vincent's family says she's never left the United States.

Robin Vincent told us her daughter, Aretha, became very ill with dizziness and vomiting that led to blurry vision. Then, she could barely stand.

"Oh, God, it was like she put all she could put into trying to walk," said Aretha's mother.

Mrs. Vincent took pictures of her daughter being led to the hospital, where she says doctors diagnosed her with variant CJD.

The disease, known for its horrid affect on animals, can be passed onto humans, but it is rare.

"Aretha has always lived in Virginia," said Mrs. Vincent. "She has not traveled overseas. She's not even been to the Midwest."

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post Apr 14 2008, 12:52 AM

I saw a video of a CBC documentary last year about 15 people in New Jersey who died from Kreutzfeldt- Jakob disease. They were all members of the same golfclub and probably had all eaten meat at the cafetaria of the golfclub from the same cow.
I also know of a doctor in NY State who died from Kreutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
I don't believe really that the meat is safe here. They just don't tell you when people have Kreutzfeldt-Jakob disease. I know about the man in NY State that it was hushed up.

post Apr 27 2008, 03:25 PM

This is so scary... since the meat processing plant in CA was recently exposed sending downer cattle into the slaughterhouse, we learned that our local schools had been recipients of this meat.... very disturbing esp. since my son resumed eating beef at school after the government's supposed safeguards were put into place -- after the late 2003 Mad Cow scare. Everyone says there is no issue, since the kids are fine, but since this is an illness with a long incubation period, we don't know what to expect. There should be some long-term monitoring of the students who ate this meat -- country-wide -- to see if there are health issues. Does anyone know what has been done to the owner/manager of the plant? He should go to jail.


post Today, 01:57 AM

I know of one man in NC that has CJD as cause of death on his death certificate. I know of another man in NC that his brain has been sent away to be tested for confirmation of CJD. And I know of another lady in NC that is currently dying in the hospital and local as well as doctors from John Hopkins have all told the parents that she is dying from CJD. I could go with other examples. This is NOT as rare as we are led to believe.