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Take Action! Stop the CAPX-2020 High Voltage Transmission Line!

Support the Citizen's Energy Taskforce!

Support the Promotion of Clean Renewable Energy!

YOU BELIEVE citizens should have an influence on what type of energy is produced for Minnesota's energy needs and how far it travels.

ADD YOUR VOICE to the CapX public hearing in your community. Speak up and write - your opinions matter.

ADD YOUR VOICE to change the unfair eminent domain law, which exempts utilities from laws helping landowners to get a fair price in eminent domain.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise money, inform citizens and get the word out.

THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to have a voice in Minnesota's energy future and to impact whether or not these lines will be built.

The permitting process is happening through this summer. Testimony and public input are starting in just a few weeks. To be effective in the legal proceedings we need to provide expert testimony, evidence and informed citizen input.


Citizen's Energy Task Force
P. O. Box 601
Castle Rock, MN. 55010

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL to receive updates about when and where you can speak up, write letters or volunteer.

For more information, contact:

Bev Topp:

Atina Diffley:

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