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National Organic Week

Canada's very first National Organic Week will begin on Thanksgiving Day and run until World Food Day on October 16th.

Organizers say we have a lot to celebrate - a vibrant alternative food system, a growing number of ecologically minded consumers and growers and new national Organic Products Regulations which we hope will unite Canadians behind a single national organic logo. Organic Week is organized by the Canada Organic Trade Association, Canadian Organic Growers and others. The week is intended to celebrate all things organic.

You would think that, in an economic downturn, we would see less rather than more. But it turns out our interest in organic products is stronger than ever - even in the US. Organic food, and other organic products, are showing up everywhere. Organic food is no longer the sole domain of health food stores.

And why not? In today's world, we feel that in many ways we are at the mercy of the big systems supplying our needs. The processes and products often seem to be more oriented toward the good of the systems rather that toward the good of the consumer. We feel the possibility that the foods we eat and the products we surround ourselves with are bringing us health trouble. 

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