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Book Review of "Meat: A Benign Extravagance"

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    "This book is a masterpiece: original, challenging and brilliantly argued. Simon Fairlie is a great thinker and a great writer."

 -George Monbiot, Environmental and political activist, author and journalist

Meat is a groundbreaking exploration of the difficult environmental, ethical, and social issues surrounding the human consumption of animals, and the future of livestock in sustainable agriculture. Garnering huge praise in the UK, this book answers the question: should we be farming animals, or not? The answer is not simple; indeed, we must decrease the amount of meat we eat (both for the planet and for ourselves), and the industrial meat system is hugely problematic, but Simon Fairlie presents in-depth research in favor of small-scale, holistic, and integrated farming systems that include pastured, free-range livestock as the answer to the pro-meat or no-meat debate. George Monbiot, for example, a well-known environmental activist and supporter of veganism, has retracted his support for veganism after reading Meat. This is a life-changing book. 


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