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An Energized Call to Price Carbon

Forgive us if this post is a bit breathless. We're still reeling from the energy we experienced at the Pricing Carbon conference this past weekend at Wesleyan University.

Over 500 people participated in the panels, workshops and strategy meetings, which began Friday evening and continued into Sunday afternoon. A majority were students, including 175 members of Students For a Just and Stable Future, a dynamic activist organization that began in Massachusetts and has spread across New England. Non-students were well represented too, with activists, policy professionals and concerned citizens from two dozen states and Canada. Opinion was unanimous - among presenters and participants alike - that the conference was a vital and worthwhile experience. And as of Sunday morning, Wesleyan's IT staff had counted 33,000 hits to their site streaming conference video.

We're sifting through videos, photos and notes from presentations which featured four members of Congress, renowned climate scientist James Hansen, author-advocates Bill McKibben and Peter Barnes, activists including Cecil Corbin-Mark, Tim DeChristopher and Bill Shireman, Wesleyan professors Gary Yohe and Barry Chernoff (director of Wesleyan's new College of the Environment, the conference host and co-sponsor), and CTC's own James Handley and Charles Komanoff.

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