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Climate Change & the Food System

What is simultaneously one of the greatest contributors to climate change and one of its greatest potential solutions?  Believe it or not, it's how we farm and eat.  Indeed, food and climate change are inextricably linked.  The same global food system that is making us sick, increasing food insecurity, and polluting the environment is also contributing to climate change.  Climate change, in turn, is contributing to rising rates of hunger and food insecurity.  But the good news is all of us can be part of the solution.  In fact, if you're working to change the food system, then you're already on your way to contributing to a cooler planet!  Want to learn more?  We invite you to check out the following video for a brief overview, and then to delve into the other sections of this topic for further information and resources for action.

The Food and Climate Connection from WhyHunger on Vimeo.

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