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News From Mexican State of Tlaxcala About New GMO Law

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In January 2011 the Congress of the state of Tlaxcala, one day before the legislators left office, approved the "Agricultural Law of Support and Protection of Corn, our original patrimony, in Constant Diversification and Nourishment, for the State of Tlaxcala."

This law, veiled by a supposed interest in "defending" native corn, approved the planting of genetically modified corn, without taking into account the wishes of Tlaxcalan farmworkers. After a very long, rhetorical introduction, the law states:

"The municipal authority, within its competence and in accordance with this law, authorizes the storage, distribution, and commercialization of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) of corn, with the purposes of conservation, improvement, and preservation of habitat and the earth."

It should be mentioned that before occupying his current seat as Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of the state of Tlaxcala, Jaime Jonatan Bretón Galeazzi, held a position as an executive of Monsanto.

The national press publicized the implementation of the law in the beginning of April, three months after it was published in the national registry, a requirement for any new law. In this way, farmworkers, who would be most directly affected by this law, found out through the press-not from their supposed representatives-about this attack on corn, source of every farmer's livelihood.

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