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Court Demands Health Canada Re-Examine Toxicity of Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide

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A court has ordered Health Canada to reconsider its decision not to review the effects of a popular herbicide, a ruling that some say will strengthen the public's hand in forcing the government to answer environmental concerns.

"We put a crack in the door," said Josette Wier, who took the government to court after a forestry company began spraying Roundup from airplanes near her Smithers, B.C., home. "That door was locked - it was impossible."

Wier asked for a special review on the use of Roundup, especially when it is combined with another chemical called POEA that allows it to spread more evenly. Legislation allows Health Canada to call such a review if the request is accompanied by new evidence gathered since the chemical's original approval.

Wier provided 15 recent peer-reviewed studies that raised questions about the Roundup-POEA combination's effect on pregnant women, men, animal fetuses and frogs. But in August 2009, Health Canada refused to investigate. 

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