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For more information about Martek's patents:

Life'sDHA Patents: 5407957 and 5492938.

Life'sARA Patent: Martek's Life'sARA

AHA Patent 7666657: For "arachidonic acid-producing microorganisms that can be obtained by genetically-engineering microorganisms to produce increased amounts of arachidonic acid."

AHA Patent 71210986: For "recombinant DNA technology (e.g., polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, cloning) or chemical synthesis."

AHA Patent 26852272: For "a mutated parental microorganism in which the nucleotide composition of such microorganism has been modified by mutation(s) that occur naturally, that are the result of exposure to a mutagen, or that are the result of genetic engineering."

More Martek AHA Patents with the same language on GMOs: 26042879, 25762976, 25504205, and 25101220.

A patent that Martek has for supplements for infant formula that mimics the DHA, ARA and EPA ratios in human breast milk includes "recombinant organisms ... designed to produce greater quantities of DHA."

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