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The Food Fight of Our Lives: Thom Hartman Interviews OCA's Alexis Baden-Mayer

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The 'Right to Know' initiative is growing by leaps and bounds with 9 out of 10 Americans insisting that GMOs be labeled.

Digital Journal reported on May 3 that Californians are all set to vote on the labeling of genetically modified food.

Almost 75% of all supermarket foods sold in the U.S.A. are genetically modified, or contain GMO ingredients and currently the U.S.A. does not require labeling of these foods. Shoppers thus have no idea what they are buying. The produce could be natural, or you could be buying vegetables that have been modified with fish genes.

Monsanto does not want to label these products and now California is out there fighting for the imposition of labeling of all GMO related products.

In the video Thom Hartmann interviews Alexis Baden-Meyer, the Political Director of the Organic Consumers Association and they discuss the Right to Know campaign and why it is so necessary.

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