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Organic Transitions: Biochar, the Amazing Charcoal That Boosts Soil Fertility and Sequesters Greenhouse Gases

  • Meet Biochar Bob: A great video on biochar projects in Hawaii
    International Biochar Initiative, Aug 21, 2012
    Straight to the Source

Biochar Bob, is a real Bob, Bob Cirino, who has a strong passion for soil science, biochar and life in general. Bob's mission is to tell the biochar story, through the people, the places, the reasons, and the results related to biochar's development and use around the world.

Bob is the spokesperson of CAFT: the Char Alliance for the First Tier. The First Tier represents organizations around the world that have working demonstrations and adoptable business models in the developing world. As you must know by now, biochar in the soil, clean cooking charcoal, and cleaner stoves in the home, can all have a dramatic impact on the health and prosperity of developing world citizens. CAFT's project partners get this and have taken on the extremely hard work of demonstrating such grassroots developments  three very different regions, climates, and nations, and now it's time for the world, through the eyes of Bob.

The partners of CAFT are Carbon Roots International (CAFT founding partner), Seachar (Costa Rica) and Eco-Fuel Africa (Uganda). Meet Bob, and help us introduce him to the world by sharing this with your networks: 

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