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Manufacturers of Pink Slime Sue ABC for Reporting on Pink Slime

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South Dakota's evocatively named Beef Products Inc., incorporated makers of beef products, is suing ABC News for economic damage wrought by the network's use of the term "pink slime" to describe the slimy, pink filler material that BPI once proudly ginned up. Earlier this year, BPI announced that it was halting production of the horrifying concoction, largely because people find the concept of finely mushed animal parts treated with ammonia to be unappealing. Or, as BPI sees it, because of ABC.

 The company filed its lawsuit in a South Dakota state court seeking at least $1.2 billion in damages under a state law that gives agricultural companies the ability to sue when their products are criticized.

 Dan Webb, a lawyer representing BPI, said ABC defamed its products by simply calling the beef additive "pink slime." Mr. Webb said BPI blames ABC for causing consumers "to believe that our lean beef product, which is 100% beef, is something called pink slime; that is some type of unhealthy and repulsive liquid product that is not even meat."

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