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Clifford J. Tasner: You Don't Want to Know What We're Putting in Your Food!

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 "Caifornians should be able to know what's in their food, so they can make choices about what they eat!" This is the very simple premise behind Prop. 37, which would label foods that contain Genetically Modified Organisms -- the same GMOs that we Billionaires for Biotech Bonanzas produce and manufacture! Early polls indicated that 85 percent of Californians favored this terrifying idea. We couldn't let California go the way of Europe, as well as Japan, India and China (some 50 countries in all) where labeling foods this way is the law of the land. And if such madness should pass in California, sooner or later people would get it into their heads that food labeling might be a good idea in other states as well! So we swung into action.

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