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Europe, Nations Around the World Rejecting Monsanto

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Likely the most hated corporation in the world, Monsanto definitely isn't winning any popularity contests. But like the delusional "mean girl" in high school, they still think they have a chance at being crowned prom queen purely on the basis of their money. According to MarketWatch, Monsanto announced last week that they will not be seeking approval for new genetically modified seeds in Europe because no one there seems to want it.

A spokesperson for the huge company says it makes no sense to fight for approval when there is such little demand for their products in the region.

In reality, we are seeing major movements against Monsanto like never before. As Anthony Gucciardi detailed last week after he was the only one covering the March Against Monsanto in Philadelphia, activism has hit new highs against Monsanto and GMOs - the media just fails to cover it! But, Monsanto-not surprisingly blind to the extreme dislike the majority of people have towards them-seems to think Europeans just need more time to warm up to the idea of genetically modified, tumor-causing crops.

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