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As Canadian Province Puts Fracking on Hold, Will Others Follow?

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As an energized First Nations fracking resistance movement continues to rage across New Brunswick, Canada, environmentalists are celebrating in the neighboring province of Newfoundland and Labrador where government officials announced Monday a moratorium on the dangerous and polluting gas drilling process.

"Our government will not be accepting applications for onshore and onshore to offshore petroleum exploration using hydraulic fracturing," Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley said this week speaking before the State's House of Assembly.

"Our first consideration is the health and safety of our people. In making this decision, our government is acting responsibly and respecting the balance between economic development and environmental protection," Dalley added. The provincial government plans to assess the geological impact of fracking and open the review process to public comment.

According to the CBC, the announcement comes amidst a bid by Shoal Point Energy, with its partner Black Spruce Exploration, to employ fracking to extract oil and gas from the Green Point shale formation which runs along the western coast of Newfoundland near the pristine Gros Morne National Park.   

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