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Caribou Coffee, Following Starbucks, Dumping Monsanto's rBGH-Tainted Milk

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBOU), the second largest U.S.-based, company-owned gourmet coffeehouse operator, today announced that beginning next week it will begin converting more of the Caribou Coffee coffeehouses to offering rBST free milk.

Working in conjunction with its dairy partner, Schroeder Company, it will convert the Caribou Coffee locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to offer rBST free basic milk products including skim, 2 percent, and whole milk. This follows the conversion in the Colorado and the Washington, D.C. metro markets that occurred earlier this year.

"We appreciate the work of our business partners at the Schroeder Company, who are helping make this possible for Caribou Coffee," says Kathy Hollenhorst, SVP of Marketing for Caribou Coffee. "Our customers are very interested in fresh, natural ingredients in all of our products; this is another step ensuring that we continue to offer the highest quality beverages possible."

With this conversion of the Minnesota and Dakota locations, Caribou Coffee will now offer hormone free milk at approximately 60 percent of stores in the United States. The company continues to monitor rBST free milk supply in other markets and plans to convert additional stores as supply becomes available.

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post Jan 4 2008, 07:42 PM

No surprise the corporates stick together. Monsanto must of put pressure on Starbucks.Now if we can Starbucks to accept fair trade coffee.Reverend Billy is banned,too embarrassing to them. Corporate responsibility is a must especially with what we eat.

Peter Fulda
post Jan 4 2008, 09:28 PM

Thank you Starbucks and Caribou! I'll still take my coffee without dairy products - with or without rBGH. Don't need the natural hormones Mother Nature puts in cow's milk either. :)

post Jan 9 2008, 05:17 PM

Is there a link to let Starbucks and Caribou know that we appreciate what they have done.

They need to know we pay attention and other companies should know that like big brother big consumer is watching.

post Jan 17 2008, 09:52 PM

Before we all congratulate Starbucks and Caribu Coffee for dumping rBGH milk, you ought to read the article which ran in today's "SEATTLE TIMES'. Headline: "STARBUCKS PULLING ORGANIC MILK OFF THE MENU" (THE SEATTLE TIMES, Business Technology, Tuesday January 17 2008)

According to the article, apparently the only reason that Starbucks carried organic dairy products was to offer a hormone-free variety, yet now that it's selling only hormone-free dairy products, they see no reason to pay more for the certified organic variety.

I find this concerning because I don't buy organic dairy products simply to avoid ingesting hormones. I buy them because organic production is better for the environment; because I've read that organic dairy products have fewer chemical residues than non-organic dairy products (search the OCA website, or Environmental Working Group's website, or read "Diet For a Poisoned Planet" by D.Steinman); and because disease prevention in organic milk production is based on common-sense management principles, such as giving the cows a healthy diet, excercise, and reducing crowding (which spreads disease). In non-organic milk production, antibiotics are routinely given as a precautionary measure, and veterinarians have been warning dairy-producers that this only serves to create antibiotic resistance strains of bacteria. That's scary in and of itself, not to mention the possibility of antibiotic-tainted milk!

I think Starbucks is making a HUGE mistake by dumping certified organic milk from its shelves! rBGH-free milk is better than conventional, but certified organic milk is MUCH better than simply the "rBGH-free" variety.