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Sustainable Chiapas
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Organic Communities Exchange--take a trip with the OCA to Chiapas!

Sustainable Chiapas, Mexico


Coffee related links

Caf� Unidos
Clearing house for information on organic, fair-trade and shade-grown coffee initiatives; including criteria and contacts.

Cloudforest Initiatives
Income from the sale of Cloudforest Coffee goes to the Maya communities in Chiapas, where the coffee originates, to support community based initiatives.

Higher Grounds Trading Co.
Higher Grounds works to support indigenous rights and autonomy by selling fair trade, shade grown, and organic coffee direct from Mayan cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico. All profits go to community development projects in Chiapas and educational work in the U.S.

Global Exchange: Fair Trade Coffee Campaign
Working towards social development, economic independence and environmental sustainability for family farmers around the world.

Make Trade Fair: Oxfam International
Provides various reports on coffee, farmers, and how international trade rules lead to poverty and oppression in the developing world.

Sexto Sol Center for Community Action
Working toward the elimination of poverty and the restoration of the damaged environment by promoting cooperative enterprise, environmentally sound agriculture, appropriate technology and conservation in Chiapas and Guatemala.

Issue-related links:

(CIEPAC) Center for Economic and Political Investigations of Community Action, A.C.
An in-depth site which examines the economic and political realities of Chiapas.

Chiapas Indymedia
Up to the minute news on the latest happenings in Chiapas.

Chiapas Watch
Comprehensive page from Znet with links to articles and other organizations working in Chiapas

Food First
The Institute for Food and Development Policy better known as Food First--is a member-supported, nonprofit 'peoples' think tank and education-for-action center. Work highlights root causes and value-based solutions to hunger and poverty around the world, with a commitment to establishing food as a fundamental human right.

Global Exchange's Chiapas Program
Global Exchange works to support grassroots initiatives for social change and the preservation of biodiversity in Chiapas.

Greenpeace Mexico
Campaigning against the ge corn contamination in southern Mexico

International Rivers Network
IRN supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds. They work to halt destructive river development projects, and to encourage equitable and sustainable methods of meeting needs for water, energy and flood management.

Mesoamerica Resists the Plan Puebla Panama
Articles and information about the growing resistance to neoliberal economic policies in southern Mexico.

Omiech: Organization of Traditional Indigenous Healers of Chiapas
Founded by traditional indigenous healers and midwives from the Altos of Chiapas in an effort to recover lost traditional knowledge of indigenous medical practices.

Schools for Chiapas
Cooperating with the Maya peoples' efforts to build dignified schools while promoting social justice in Mexico. They also raise money to support organic agricultural projects in autonomous communities.

Ya Basta
Latest news on the Zapatista movement





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