Greenpeace Calls For Immediate FDA Recall of� Contaminated Product

ANAHEIM, CA (March 8, 2001) - Laboratory testing has revealed� that a Kellogg's product is made with StarLink corn, a genetically� altered variety that is not approved for human consumption. In� laboratory analyses, Kellogg's Morningstar Farms brand meat-free� Corn Dog tested positive for StarLink, and the corn dog and two� other products tested positive for genetically altered soy.� Greenpeace today filed notice with the Food and Drug� Administration calling on the agency to order an immediate recall� and health investigation of the Morningstar product.

"Kellogg's is selling genetically contaminated Morningstar Farms food and lying to consumers about it," said Charles Margulis,� Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Specialist. "Americans have� asked Kellogg's over and over to stop this genetic experiment on� our food, yet Kellogg's refuses to listen and tries to mislead� consumers. No one should trust the Kellogg's or Morningstar� names again."

Last October, Kellogg's was forced to stop production at a� Memphis plant due to concerns about StarLink contamination, but� the company claimed that no food products were affected. At the� time, Kellogg's refused to respond to a Greenpeace survey asking� about StarLink or other genetically engineered ingredients in its� products.

After its 1999 purchase of Worthington Foods, the original maker of Morningstar Farms products, Kellogg's began telling consumers� that Morningstar products would be made with non-GE soy.

In a letter dated August 15, 2000, Kellogg's told a consumer: "We are in the final stages of our conversion to non-genetically modified proteins....." An e-mail from Kellogg's to a consumer dated� October 5, 2000 claims: "We have completed conversion to non- genetically modified soy proteins in all Morningstar Farms,� Worthington, Natural Touch and Loma Linda products. We are� currently purchasing all non-genetically modified soy proteins and� have been using these in production since April 1, 2000."

However, the lab tests on Morningstar products bought just last month show that more than 50% of the soy in the Corn Dog is� genetically engineered, while Morningstar Veggie Patties and� Harvest Burgers contained detectable amounts of the gene altered� crop. Subsequent letters from Kellogg's to consumers admit that� Harvest Burgers still contain genetically modified soy.

In other letters about its cereals and other products, Kellogg's admits to American consumers that its U.S. products are "likely"� to be made with genetically modified grain. But a Kellogg's letter to� British consumers claims that Kellogg's "does not use genetically� modified maize or soya ingredients or derivatives..." in any of its� European products.

"Americans are shopping in the dark when they buy Morningstar Farms products," said Liza Pengelly, a concerned Morningstar Farms consumer in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Genetically tainted foods aren't labeled, and I can't trust Kellogg's. I won't buy these products until Kellogg's stops using all gene altered ingredients," she continued.


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