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‘Meating’ of the Minds

To eat meat, or not to eat meat: It’s probably one of the hottest debates around the dinner table, especially for animal welfare and climate activists.

But what’s often left out of that debate is whether vegans and vegetarians can support meat eating, if the meat doesn’t come from an industrial factory farm.

Last week, we took that question to a panel of well-known long-time vegans and vegetarians. 

We wanted to know: Could committed vegans and vegetarians support the #BoycottBigMeat campaign, which advocates for an end to factory farms but also calls for support for farmers and ranchers who produce organic grass-fed and pasture-raised meat using regenerative practices?

For the short answer, read our blog post. For a deeper dive, watch the full panel discussion.

Read ‘Finding Common Ground: Can Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters Unite for Change?’

Watch the panel discussion

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