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Give Bees a Chance!

Give Bees a Chance!
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Tell the CEO of Lowe’s: Stop Selling Bee-Killing Plants and Pesticides!

Earlier this year the OCA, Friends of the Earth and other groups gathered more than a half-million petition signatures to Frank Blake, CEO, Home Depot and Robert Niblock, CEO, Lowe's, asking them to stop selling plants pretreated with bee-killing pesticides.

A representative for Mr. Blake and Home Depot has reached out, and we are in discussions with Home Depot about how to source plants that are not coated in deadly neonicotinoids (the pesticide most implicated in the die-off of bees). But so far, no word from Mr. Niblock or Lowe’s.

Please tell Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe’s, stop giving us the silent treatment! Please tell us that Lowe’s will stop selling bee-killing plants and pesticides!

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