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California Millions Against Monsanto Chapters
Chapters are organized by Congressional District and listed by number. If you don't know which district you're in, click here.
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Additional Facebook Chapters
Millions Against Monsanto, California
Millions Against Monsanto Sacramento CA
GMO Free Southern California
GMO Free Los Angeles
GMO-Free Right to Know! Santa Cruz
GMO Free Half Moon Bay, CA

Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know- An Initiative For The 2012 CA Ballot

South Humboldt Label GMOs Group

Right to Know GMOs (San Francisco Bay Area)
CHICO California-Rally For The Right To Know! We want GMO's LABELED!!
Label GMOs (Berkeley group)
Label GMO's 2012 Ballot Initiative Pasadena Area Campaign
Label GMOs (Calaveras County group)
Label GMO's (El Dorado County Group)
Label GMOs Palo Alto
Label GMOs - Long Beach/South Bay Group
Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know- An Initiative For The 2012 CA Ballot

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California Allies

Abundant Harvest Organics

American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)

Blue Planet Run

CA Guaranteed Health Care Campaign

California Center for Public Health Advocacy

California Certified Organic Farmers

California Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Program

California Food and Justice Coalition

California Federation of Certified Farmers Markets

California Heartland

Californians for GE-Free Agriculture

Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR)

California Safe Schools

Central California Local Urban Chicken Keepers (CCLUCK)

Center for Ecoliteracy

Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens

Chez Panisse Foundation

Community Alliance with Family Farmers

Don't Spray California

Edible Schoolyard

Environmental Commons

Food First

Forage Oakland

Free Farm Stand

GMO-free Monterey County

GMO Free Santa Cruz

Heal Our Home

Hole in the Fence

Indigenous Permaculture

Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

Kids Consignment 4 You

L.I.A. Foundation

Life Lab

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Locally Delicious

Marin Organic

McCloud Watershed Council

Mulholland 2 Malibu Permaculture Guild

North Berkeley Harvest

Nutrition Education Services

Om Organics

Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

Organic Athlete

Organic Farming Research Foundation

Organic Solutions

Organic Winery Association

Path to Freedom

People's Grocery

People United for a Better Life in Oakland (PUEBLO)

Pine Mountain's Let's Live Local

Planting Justice

Preserving the Integrity of Napa's Agriculture

Richmond Rivets

The Real Food Challenge - California

Slow Food San Francisco

San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project

Santa Rosa Community Market

School Lunch Initiative

Stop the Spray

Sustainable Business Leadership Council

Swanton Berry Farm

Transition to Green

Transition Albany

Transition California

Transition Cotati

Transition Culver City

Transition Laguna Beach

Transition Los Angeles

Transition Montery County

Transition Mount Shasta

Transition Nevada County

Transition Paso Robles

Transition San Francisco

Transition San Lorenzo Valley

Transition Santa Barbara

Transition Santa Cruz

Transition Sebastopol

Transition Silicon Valley

Transition SLO County

Transition to Green Community Club

Transition West Marin

United Farm Workers 

Urban Youth Harvest

Ventura Climate Care Options Organized Locally

Village Harvest

Volunteering to Learn

Women of the Green Generation

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