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  • March 23, 2021
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Alexis Baden-Mayer

    Emperor Gates has a new decree: “All rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.”

    Bill Gates has invested in Impossible Foods whose CEO, Pat Brown, says his genetically engineered synthetic meat substitutes will replace the use of animals by 2035. 

    You’d think the Impossible Foods pitch would be about the horrors of factory farming. Instead, Gates and Brown take aim at regenerative organic agriculture and grass-fed beef. According to “Gates and Brown believe that genetically modified seeds and chemical herbicides, in the right doses––and not land-intensive organic farming––are crucial to curbing carbon emissions.”

    That old lie about organic farming has been thoroughly debunked, and real climate activists know “It’s not the cow, it’s the how.”

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  • March 22, 2021
    Organic Consumers Association
    by André Leu and Ronnie Cummins

    There is a big debate, as you know, about meat production and climate change. The corporate media promotes the Bill Gates/Silicon Valley myth that eating less meat and animal products (not just factory farmed, but climate-friendly/carbon sequestering organic and regenerative meat and animal products as well) and abolishing animal agriculture altogether (small scale grazing and animal husbandry supports a billion small farmers on the planet whose lands are not suitable for growing food crops) will be better for the climate. Fake meats produced on an industrial scale in chemical vats with GMOs are also being promoted as better for the climate by the billionaires such as Bill Gates who have invested in it.

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  • March 22, 2021
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Nate Doromal

    We are entering the Post-COVID world. And the role of liberals and progressives (as well as libertarians and champions of constitutional rights) is far more significant now than we realize. 

    COVID-19 has brought on many changes in society. As COVID numbers diminish, there is a renewed euphoria in progressive circles in the wake of the pandemic concomitant with a Democrat presidential victory and an unprecedented awareness of gender and racial inequalities. While there is much to be excited about for progressives, warning flags have appeared that raise questions about whether our future direction is genuinely one of greater equality.

    The COVID pandemic has shown all of us the power of government public health institutions in mobilizing and transforming society to deal with a pandemic threat. Yet, at the same time, public health policy, supported by the overwhelming majority of progressives, has become a paternalist force that has used its authority to control, manipulate, and divide the body politic, marginalizing or censoring public voices—investigative, scientific, and medical—that deviate from the “official story” of COVID-19.

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  • March 12, 2021
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Andre Leu

    Regenerative agriculture is a global farming revolution with rapid uptake and interest around the world. Five years ago hardly anyone had heard about it. It is in the news nearly every day now. This agricultural revolution has been led by innovative farmers rather than scientists, researchers and governments. It is being applied to all agricultural sectors including cropping, grazing and perennial horticulture.

    In previous articles we have described how regenerative agriculture maximizes the photosynthesis of plants to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to increase soil organic matter. Soil organic matter is a good proxy for soil health, as it is important for improving fertility and water capture in soils, thus improving productivity and profitability in farming.

    Many regenerative farmers sow their fields with mixtures of plants just to capture carbon dioxide to improve the levels of soil organic matter. These are called cover crops and are distinct from the cash crop. The cover crop builds soil fertility. The cash crop earns an income.

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  • March 4, 2021
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Julia Kloehn

    There’s one skill that Big Food and Big Ag corporations have in abundance: taking control of every situation and corrupting it into an opportunity for profit. 

    For example, as consumer interest in the terms “natural” and “sustainable” increased, industrial agribusiness began to use these unsubstantiated terms to market greenwashed products. These products were, in fact, just the opposite—made with pesticide-laden, factory farmed, and/or genetically engineered ingredients. Even the powerful Organic movement, which actually is based on specific certifiable practices and inputs, has required constant safeguarding against corporate attempts to dilute its meaning.  

    Now, we will also diligently have to defend the up-and-coming Regeneration movement against attempts by agribusiness corporations to co-opt it and undermine its transformative power. 

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  • The Millions Against Monsanto Campaign was started by OCA in the mid 1990s to fight back against Monsanto and the other biotech bullies responsible for poisoning the world's food and environment.

  • Industrial agriculture, with its factory farms, GMO monculture crops and toxic chemicals, is one of the leading causes of global warming. You can help cool the planet by choosing organic foods, grown using sustainable, regenerative farming practices.  

  • Protect bees and other pollinators by choosing organic food, grown without toxic insecticides, and by planting bee-friendly gardens.

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