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OKLAHOMA: Help Stop SB 615 Before Itís Too Late!

Last year, Oklahoma dietitians tried to pass an absurd anti-consumer choice bill (SB 615) that would have made it illegal for many qualified providers of nutrition advice to share that advice with consumers. The bill passed the Senate, but not the House.

This year, a similar bill was passed by the House in April. The two versions of SB 615 now go to a joint conference committee and to the full House and Senate if a compromise is reached.

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Existing Oklahoma law only licenses dietitians. No licensure is available for nutritionists, but there are no current restrictions regarding nutrition practice for unlicensed practitioners.

The new version of SB 615 passed by the House is sneaky and legislators are being misled about what it actually says.

Technically, the bill doesnít make alternative nutrition practice illegal. Instead, it defines who is exempt from requiring a license to provide nutrition advice. There are no exemptions included for nutritionists, health coaches, personal trainers, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, midwives, traditional healers, health and wellness coaches, and others. But if certain people are exempt from needing a license, who is not exempt and therefore would require a license?

SB 615 also further restricts nutrition practice because it only allows unlicensed nutritionists to give ďgeneral nutrition information,Ē not individualized nutrition recommendations. And there is no pathway added for non-dietitian nutritionists to get licensed so they could provide individualized nutrition advice.

The bill also gives the overseeing board the right to add new provisions at any time to define illegal practice.

Dietitians claim they want to protect the public from harm. Yet, this bill has nothing to do with promoting public health. Its sole intent is to lay the groundwork for restricting consumer access to nutrition advice from alternative, but qualified professionals.

TAKE ACTION: Fill in the form on this page to tell your Oklahoma lawmakers to oppose SB 615!

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