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Tell JLI Board Members: Don't Stab Us in the Back! Reject the Latest GMO-QR Code Labeling Compromise!

Informed sources tell OCA that Gary Hirshberg, chairman of the board of directors of (JLI) along with U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), are working behind the scenes on a GMO labeling bill that would stall Vermont’s GMO labeling law for two years while food companies “try out” a voluntary QR barcode labeling scheme.

According to well-informed sources, Hirshberg has reached out to GMO labeling activists with the plan, and is approaching the JLI board of directors for its members’ blessing.

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Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law was passed by a majority of Vermont lawmakers, had the support of about 90 percent of Vermont voters, and is supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), now running for president.

The courts have ruled so far that the law is constitutional.

Any attempt to delay or preempt Vermont’s GMO labeling law is unacceptable to the GMO labeling movement, and the 90 percent of Americans who want laws enacted, and enforced, requiring Monsanto and the Junk Food Industry to label their GMO-tainted foods.

Since the House passed the DARK Act in July, efforts to introduce a companion bill in the Senate have so far faltered—largely because key Senators say a bill that would preempt Vermont’s law isn’t likely to pass the Senate.

Now Hirshberg, Vilsack and Stabenow are cooking up a bill they think stands a better chance in the Senate, because instead of outright preempting Vermont’s law, it would delay it for another two years. But we all know that a two-year delay means Vermont's law is as good as dead.

Will JLI board members go along with this new compromise?

If so,, which has claimed to support mandatory labeling, should be required to refund all donations it received from consumers and corporations that trusted the organization to represent the interests of consumers, not corporations.

•    In addition to Gary Hirshberg, chairman of the board, board members are:
•    Ken Cook, The Environmental Working Group (EWG)
•    Lewis Goldstein, Organic Valley
•    Darren Mahaffy, Nature’s Path
•    Robyn O’Brien, The AllergyKids Foundation
•    Tom Spier, Boulder Food Group
•    Alex Bergstein, attorney, doctoral candidate and advocate for children’s environmental health

Please use this form to contact these board members today! Tell them to stand Strong on behalf of consumers, and their donors, by rejecting the Latest GMO Labeling Compromise! We also have to reiterate to Vilsack and Stabenow that we expect them to let Vermont's law take effect, and reject anything other than a mandatory GMO labeling law that meets or exceeds Vermont's standards.