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MINNESOTA: Help Protect Pollinators!

Last week, the Minnesota Senate passed SF 2191, a bill that would provide grants to farmers who want to plant pollinator habitat and transition away from using seeds coated with harmful insecticides.

Now we need your help to get the House version of the bill out of committee before April 8.

TAKE ACTION: Fill in the form on this page to ask your state representative to support HF 3300, the “pollinator investment grant” bill.

Then, please call the chairs of the House Agriculture Policy and Finance Committees and ask them to hold a hearing for HF 3300 before April 8:

Minnesota's pollinators are in decline. Scientists agree that multiple, interacting factors are contributing to declining populations. Those factors include  pesticides, habitat loss, diseases and parasites.

A court recently awarded compensation to two Minnesota beekeepers for damages to their hives, caused by toxic insecticide dust that drifted onto their property from neighboring cornfields. The dust came from seeds that were pre-treated with neonicotinoids, a class of pesticide commonly linked to Colony Collapse Disorder.

It’s great that the courts ruled in favor of these beekeepers. But we need to protect pollinators and beekeepers before these deaths occur. HF 3300 would help accomplish this by supporting farmers who want to increase pollinator habitat and reduce the use of insecticide seed coatings that can harm pollinators.