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Tell Bimbo: End the Use of Pesticides in the World Food Supply!

“If you want a healthy life, get up early.”

So says Bimbo, the world’s largest marketer of breads, organizer of the upcoming Global Energy Race, and a contributor of over $1 million to campaigns to keep labels off of GMO foods.
TAKE ACTION: Tell Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, do something really great for the world! Take the lead in ending the use of pesticides in the world food supply. Fill in the form on this page to send your message to Mr. Servitje.

We can’t say for certain that getting up early will make you any healthier than if you hit the snooze button a few times.

But we’re absolutely certain that exposure to pesticides, like glyphosate, will make you (and the farmers who spray the pesticides, and the children who live near the farm fields) unhealthy.

We’re equally certain that saturating the world’s soils with toxic chemicals will make the entire planet unhealthy.

Bimbo’s Global Energy Race is set to take place on Sunday, September 25, in 37 cities in 22 countries. In a promotional video, the organizers promise that the race will “rock your world.”

We challenge Mr. Servitje and Bimbo to rock our world, by taking the lead in ridding the world’s bread of toxic pesticides.

When we think of Monsanto’s glyphosate, we think GMO corn, soy, beets, canola, and alfalfa—not wheat. Many of Bimbo’s products contain GMO ingredients—which explains why the company, a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, would spend a million bucks to defeat GMO labeling laws.

Still, Bimbo’s is primarily a bread maker, which means its primary ingredient is wheat. While GE wheat has been field tested, it isn’t yet sold commercially—unlike corn and soy, which are now predominantly GMO.

But even though Monsanto hasn’t managed to sell farmers on growing GMO wheat, the Gene Giant has convinced farmers to spray wheat fields with Roundup, in order to dry the crops evenly, to make harvesting more efficient.

Bimbo USA is a subsidiary of Mexico-based Grupo Bimbo, which has operations in 21 countries. Here in the U.S., Bimbo’s operates more than 60 bakeries (according to the company website) and markets a long list of brands, including Arnolds, Sara Lee, Thomas’ English Muffins, Orowheat, Stroemans.

In July, Bimbo bought the Eureka Grainiac Organic line. The company also sells a brand called “Nature’s Harvest.

Let them eat junk bread!

Let’s revisit Bimbo’s advice about getting up early to stay healthy. How about eating healthy foods?

The website analyzed the dismal nutritional quality of some of Bimbo’s most popular brands:

    Muffins: containing a petroleum-derived antioxidant, 400 calories and 5 1/2 tsp of sugar per serving,
    Double Fiber Bread: trans-fats and high-fructose corn syrup.
    Toasted Bread: contains trans-fats, artificial color and petroleum-derived antioxidants.
    Large Wheat Bread made with a flour bleacher banned in Europe, and containing high fructose corn syrup.
    Large White Bread: Trans-fats, HFCS and petroleum-derived anti-oxidant!
    Pound Cake: 8 tsp of sugar per serving, trans-fats, artificial colors and high in saturated fat.

Those don't sound like healthy products to us. But guess what? Bimbo is using donations of its unhealthy breads as an incentive to register for the Global Energy Race in the U.S.!

That's right. Bimbo USA will donate up to 250,000 slices of bread in conjunction with races in four U.S. cities—six slices for each eligible 3k race registration and 20 slices for each eligible 10k race registration. A minimum of 20,000 slices will be donated to food banks.

Can you say, "Let them eat junk food?"

A global problem that needs a global campaign

In that slick promotional video for its Global Energy Race, Bimbo says: “Let’s run as one!”

We say, let’s work as one—to clean up our food, our farms, our planet.

There’s nothing wrong with organizing a global race. But what we really need is a global overhaul of our toxic food and agriculture systems.

As the world’s largest bread maker, Bimbo could lead the charge in fixing our broken food system.

This multinational company could commit to sourcing from regenerative growers.

Bimbo could end the use of bee-killing and cancer-causing pesticides to grow its ingredients.

At the very least, Bimbo could encourage transparency, by labeling its GMO ingredients—instead of telling people to get up early and run as one.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, do something really great for the world! Take the lead in ending the use of pesticides in the world food supply.