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IDAHO: Tell State Representatives to Protect Your Health Freedom!

salad nutritionWeíre reaching out to you today because the state of Idaho is proposing an anti-consumer choice bill that would place restrictions on nutritionists who arenít also registered dietitians.

Restrictions in the bill would infringe on health freedom and the right to practice individualized nutrition counseling.

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H. 45 would amend the state licensing law for registered dietitians in Idaho. If passed, the bill will make it nearly impossible for unregistered dietitians to become licensed in the state. It would also prevent other nutrition professionals from offering services they currently provide.

Unregistered dietitians and nutritionists would no longer be allowed to provide the following services if H. 45 passes as written:

* Medical nutrition services (also known as medical nutrition)
* Therapeutic nutrition care
* Nutritional assessments
* Nutritional therapy counseling

These fundamental nutrition care services should not be stripped away from professionally trained nutritionists.

The bill was returned to the Health and Welfare Committee on Monday, Feb. 6, and is now awaiting action by the full Idaho House.

We need your help to ensure that either H. 45 is amended to strike the section that removes these services from the practice of nutritionists; or the bill is not passed at all.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your State Representative To Vote No on H. 45! 

To view the entire bill click here.


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