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TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trumpís Attack on Organicís Animal Welfare Rules!

baby chicks under a heat lampDo you buy organic eggs?

If so, we hope you buy them from a local farmer or from a grocery store that stocks ďpasture-raisedĒ organic.

If not, the hens that laid your organic eggs were probably confined at the rate of three chickens-per-square-ft. of floor space, in a huge poultry barn housing hundreds of thousands of birds. Those birds likely never set foot outdoors, much less saw the light of day.

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trumpís Attack on Organicís Animal Welfare Rules!

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Trumpís U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently decided to withdraw the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices Rule (OLPP), finalized during the Obama Administration in response to the National Organic Standards Boardís (NOSB) 14-year effort to improve the welfare of organic animals.

During the Obama years, OCA worked hard to bring organic standards in line with consumer expectations. We wanted the USDAís National Organic Program (NOP) to enforce organic rules that require all organic animals to have access to the outdoors and sunlight and to be able to exhibit their natural behaviors.

By the end of the Obama Administration, the campaign was picking up steam. Pasture-raised organic eggs with animal welfare certifications from Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Humane were becoming increasingly available. The USDA  announced modest improvements to organic animal welfare standards that we hoped signaled an intention to finally crack down on ďBig OrganicĒ operations that were no better than factory farms.

But in December 2017, with Trumpís promise to reduce federal regulations to their pre-1960 level, the new organic rules landed on the chopping block.

The worst part is that the USDA is justifying the move by saying that the NOP doesnít have the power to address ďstand-alone animal welfare concerns.Ē

Organic without animal welfare? Thatís not what organic consumers want or expect

Trump is wrong about this. Trumpís USDA is violating the law by deleting a rule that is the result of 14 years of discussions, recommendations and public comments in a forum, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), that Congress set up to guide the creation of organic standards.

At least Trumpís USDA is doing one thing right. USDA officials know they canít delete the OLPP rule without giving the public an opportunity to comment first. 

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trumpís Attack on Organicís Animal Welfare Rules!

Meanwhile, to find out how your favorite egg brand ranks, check out the Cornucopia Instituteís Organic Egg Scorecard.

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