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Biden's Approval Rating Plummets


Polls indicate that the majority of Americans are losing faith in the Biden Administration. Biden’s net approval rating has fallen by 25 points since January, from +18 to -7. Although the indentured mainstream and “progressive” media are still in COVID-19 cover up mode and denial we need to ask: When will Biden accept the fact that dodging the obvious lab origins of COVID-19 (financed and engineered by U.S. scientists, Big Pharma, and the Pentagon in collaboration with their Chinese military and scientific counterparts) is insanely dangerous and ultimately politically unpopular? 

When will Biden and his medical Czars stop denying the fact that 100 million Americans already have natural immunity to COVID-19, superior to what the experimental vaccines deliver, and that there’s no evidence that masks, outside of hospital settings, reduce infection by this genetically engineered, nanoparticle-sized bioweapon?

When will our new “Great Reset” masters stop denying the now obvious collateral damage of the lockdowns and restrictions on small businesses and schools; the psychological and physical damage of forcing masks and vaccines on children and students who are no more at risk from the Delta variant than the seasonal flu; and stop bragging that they have coerced 30 million Americans into being injected or else be fired from their jobs? 

These authoritarian and unprecedented actions are not that smart politically, especially after yanking unemployment benefits on Labor Day from millions of COVID-impacted workers, and then failing (so far at least) to deliver on popular programs for expanding Medicare and child tax credits, taxing the ultra-rich, forcing Big Pharma to stop price-gouging, community college tuition waivers for students, climate action, paid parental leave, and green jobs, including a Climate Corps. 

Even for those true believers in lockstep with the current administration on their bungled handling of the COVID crisis, Biden & Company’s arrogance and belligerence toward those who disagree, and the administration’s blatant violation of basic constitutional rights will likely “sink the ship” on his economic justice and climate programs, with giant corporations, the fossil fuel lobby, and Big Pharma laughing all the way to the bank.

When will Biden and Washington (including the Republicans) understand that Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, and the military-industrial complex are not our friends, and comprehend that banning reckless gain-of-function engineering of potential pandemic pathogens is not just a minor partisan issue?  

When will those passionate about women’s “right to choose” accept that all Americans have the “right to choose” regarding experimental medical procedures for themselves and their children as well? (And vice-versa.) When will Biden and the Democrats understand that forced vaccinations, and vaccinations of children, youth, and those with natural acquired immunity are far more politically unpopular than they appear?