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resist and regenerate

Calling All Rebels

Now is the time to educate, search out new friends and allies, even in the most unlikely places, improve our health, strengthen our resolve, and prepare for any eventuality. A new 21st Century populist counter-culture and politics, potentially strong enough to overturn business as usual, is starting to emerge. Left and right, liberal and conservative, green, red, and blue, have suddenly lost their meanings. Corrupt and cowardly politicians from both major parties have destroyed their credibility, along with all the major institutions. COVID-19 and “lockdown liberalism,” to use the phrase of Robert Kennedy Jr, have revealed the ugly reality of contemporary society: authoritarianism, mass hysteria, intolerance, and a Chinese Communist Party-style Great Reset, engineered by out-of-control globalists, oligarchs, scientists, militarists, and technocrats.  The sorry state of our health—mental, physical, and spiritual—has been laid bare. We literally have no choice but to build a new Republic and a new system of participatory democracy on the ruins of the old.

This is what our new corps of Resistance and Regeneration will look like: farmers and consumers, young and old, rural and urban, whites and non-whites, middle class, working class, immigrants, low-income communities, dropouts from the affluent class, a rainbow of dissidents and rebels from all genders, religions, and spiritual belief. We are the Volunteers of America and planet Earth. Fighting for freedom and democracy. Or else there is no future.

We are making progress in terms of organizing our resistance and building new regenerative relationships and networks, but we are nonetheless living in a society of the walking wounded. As Mattias Desmet eloquently reminds us in his new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, we are teetering on the edge of 21st Century totalitarianism. puts it well, “Totalitarianism is the blurring of fact and fiction, yet with an aggressive intolerance for diverging opinions. One must toe the line.”

As Desmet chronicles, mass formation or mass hysteria, dramatically displayed during the recent (and continuing) global Pandemia, arises when the majority of people are unhappy, alienated, dissatisfied with their jobs and lives, spiritually empty, tortured by “free floating anxiety,” and profoundly disconnected from nature and others. Hypnotized and drifting in virtual reality, dehumanized in a rat race culture and economy, the alienated masses of the 21st Century are like a time bomb, psychologically primed to explode their anger and project their frustrations onto the Others (the unvaxxed, the Chinese, the Russians, the pox carriers, the Trumpers, the Blue Checks) once they are prompted by their respective Powers That Be. This is why we need a Regenerative Movement powerful enough to break the spell of mass formation, a cultural, spiritual, and political Revolution that not only heals the Earth and our health, but our souls as well.

This Regeneration Revolution will not be easy, given that the majority of the population and many of our children are debilitated, not only mentally, but physically as well, beaten down and weakened by pre-existing dietary, environmental, or medical-derived toxins that have made chronic disease—obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism—the norm rather than the exception. Our non-organic food, our water, our environment, and Big Pharma’s conventional medicines and vaccines are routinely laced with toxic chemicals, pesticides, micro-plastics, genetically modified organisms, and now nanoparticles.

Compounding this horror, the majority of the population have now been injected (either voluntarily or under coercion) with dangerous experimental, rushed to market “vaccines” that fail to fight off engineered pathogens, weaken our natural immune systems, and undermine our bodies’ ability to defend ourselves. Collateral damage (health, medical, economic) from the lockdowns, social isolation, poverty, and despair have metasticized an unprecedented increase in deaths.

In addition, many of the vaxxed are now sub-consciously wounded as well, coming to the tragic realization that they may have injured themselves and their families by going along with the prescribed New Normal of 2020-22 (Operation Warp Speed vaccines, lockdowns, school closures, masking, and social distancing). But the truth can only be covered up for so long. Even the controlled mass media have been forced at times to admit the horrible truth surrounding COVID-19.

Dr. Meryl Nass reminds us that psychological guilt and fear, reinforced by media propaganda and peer pressure, continue to be a powerful force for self-censorship:

“Multiple papers now suggest that COVID mRNA vaccines impair not just immunity to COVID, but immunity and immune surveillance overall.

The implication is that the vaxxed are more susceptible to a variety of infections, and perhaps also to cancer.  Immune surveillance is what identifies cancer cells and kills them before they can proliferate.

So, you are vaccinated.  The implications of this information are too frightening to be allowed into consciousness.  You don't need the external censors to suppress this knowledge; you do it automatically with your built-in defense mechanisms.

Data from multiple countries now shows that all-cause mortality (deaths from everything) are higher in the vaccinated.

This is just as scary, if not more so, than an increased risk of serious infections and cancer.  You deny and/or suppress this information, because it simply cannot be allowed to be true.

You vaccinated your child.  This may have impaired their fertility, increased the cancer risk, etc. etc. etc.

Of all pieces of information that absolutely cannot be allowed to enter your consciousness, let alone be openly discussed in polite company, this one tops all.  So you will simply refuse to allow mention of it.  Friends whose conversations veer off in this direction must be obliterated.  Requiring that all family members and friends be vaccinated protects you from facing those for whom this discussion does not trigger the existential and uncontrollable pain it does for the vaccinated.

And Voila--you have a controlled and cowed population who have become their own thought police.”

We need to break through this fear and self-censorship. Beyond stopping the vaccinations and their boosters, we must spread the positive message that we can regenerate our health, recover from long-COVID, repair our bodies from vaccine side-effects, and protect ourselves from dietary and environmentally-induced chronic disease and even new engineered Frankenfoods and pathogens.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola puts it:

“If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body.

Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs.

The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body. Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione.

The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium.”

The main driver of serious disease and death in many cases is not primarily the engineered toxic spike protein in the virus or the vaccines, but the fact that the spike protein magnifies and exacerbates pre-existing serious health problems or comorbidities in the elderly or those previously damaged by toxic food, toxic environments, and self-destructive lifestyle habits and addictions. Our best defense against disease, in combination with the regimen of detoxification prescribed by Mercola and the World Council for Health is a healthy dose of organic food, exercise, adequate sleep, outdoors recreation, and positive thinking, coupled with appropriate nutritional supplements and herbs.

We must educate, organize, and mobilize the majority of everyday people who understand that what we are up against is not just a temporary crisis, but a hydra-headed Emergency.  People who are alarmed and yes, angry; but people who believe, no matter what the odds, that there is still time to turn things around, before it is too late.

Self-appointed global elites, technocrats, billionaires, multi-national corporations, Pharma, science, and military-industrial profiteers, aided and abetted by corrupt politicians and Big Media have misinformed, fear-mongered, and divided us. Our health, livelihoods, environment, rights, and democracy are in peril, not only in the United States, but across the globe.

Totalitarianism, nuclear destruction, biological warfare, and engineered pandemics are no longer just threats that lie in the realm of science fiction. The proverbial monster is at our door.

America is literally slouching toward domestic Civil War, no matter which of the current corrupt Establishment factions gains the upper hand the mid-terms in November or the 2024 elections. While we are sitting in front of our computer screens and smart phones, dutifully tracked and programmed, or working two jobs so that we can make a living, war hawks in both parties and the Pentagon are playing nuclear roulette with Russia and China—maneuvering to win the next election, increase their multi-billion dollar budgets, or supercharge their armaments, technology, and surveillance sales. Those with their fingers on the nuclear triggers are lunatics. Those weaponizing viruses, bacteria, or insects in the name of public health or bio-defense are reckless maniacs. One of our first priorities must be to expose and disarm these modern-day Dr. Strangeloves or Frankensteins, not only in the U.S., China, and Russia, but worldwide. This is an essential campaign we need to wage if are to inoculate the planet against catastrophic warfare (accidental or deliberate) and create the preconditions to negotiate a comprehensive peace and disarmament treaty (nuclear and biological) with Russia, China, and the other superpowers. Global pacification and disarmament in turn will become the foundation to cooperatively address other mega-problems such as the climate crisis and global poverty.

While we’ve been distracted by our Facebook feed, TikTok, the latest celebrity scandal, Congressional soap opera, or Monkeypox scare, mad scientists in Wuhan, Kiev, Taiwan, and Fort Detrick, Maryland are busy with government and Pentagon funded “gain-of-function” engineering, weaponizing the super-viruses, bacteria, and insect vectors of the next pandemic or plandemic.

Wake up liberals and progressives. Wake up conservatives and libertarians. There will be no victors nor patriotic glory in the dreadful wake of a nuclear or biological holocaust. And it won’t matter a damn bit whether our Armageddon foretold is accidental or deliberate.

Likewise, listen up Lockdown Liberals and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only): There will be no democracy left to fight for if we shred the Constitution, carry out the current demolition of our food and farming systems, small businesses and farmers, and holistic healers and hand over control of the nation and the world to a group of unelected WHO and World Economic Forum bureaucrats, Big Pharma billionaires, Deep State militarists, and Silicon Valley tycoons, using the pretext of a communist boogieman, or global health or climate emergency. 

We the underclass majority don’t have to agree on every point on every single issue, whether we’re talking about climate change, abortion, sex and gender education in elementary schools, community control of police, affirmative action, or gun control. But we do have a moral and political obligation in a pluralist democracy to respect free speech, Constitutional rights, and majority and minority public opinion and beliefs, and recognize when hyper-partisan politicians are using “wedge issues” to keep us down and divided.

The majority of the public, North, South, East, and West, are sick and tired of bought and sold politicians, manipulative media, lying PR and lobbying firms, price-gouging Big Pharma drug companies, sky high medical bills, outrageous education costs, usurious student loans, and endless wars. The populist grassroots are fed up with an arrogant economic elite who pay little or no taxes. We’ve had our fill of corrupt politicians and government officials who allow powerful corporate cartels to exploit workers and pollute our air, food, and water.  People support workers’ rights to unionize, especially in large corporations such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks, but no one is enthusiastic about corrupt union officials who care only about their dues-paying members, giving no thought to the needs and concerns of consumers, the environment, and non-unionized workers.

No one feels good about terminating the life of a fetus, but the majority of Americans do support women’s right to choose, even if they are against late-term abortions. Republicans and conservatives who support vaccine choice, but not women’s right to choose, undermine their credibility. Likewise, Democrats who support women’s choice but believe it’s fine to mandate vaccines, masks, and lockdowns are hypocrites.

Ordinary Americans (70% in a recent poll) are concerned about the climate crisis, global warming, extreme droughts, and violent weather, but they don’t want to lose their jobs in the transition to drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, green energy, and regenerative agriculture and land use.  People know that organic food, solar power, well-insulated houses, and electric cars are desirable, but how can things change if ordinary people can’t afford these green luxuries in an economic dystopia of low wages and impossibly high costs of living?

Accepting diversity and building a society of participatory democracy in a diverse nation (and world) of different cultures and traditions doesn’t mean we all have to love one another. But we must come to grips with the life or death issues that are pressing down on all of us. We have no choice but to break down the walls and the single issue silos (my issue is more important than your issue, my constituency is more oppressed or more important than yours) that divide and enslave us. Now is the time to spread the message of peace, justice, tolerance, hope, and Regeneration to all who are willing to listen. Now is the time to move beyond Pandemia and technocratic dystopia and regenerate our health, environment, and politics.

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