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Cook Organic not the Planet Campaign

A Consumer Guide to Boycotting Factory Farms

There are plenty of reasons to boycott factory farms, including the top two: your health and animal welfare. But the big-picture reason is this. The only way to feed the world and restore climate stability is to restore efficiency to our food system.

And the only way to do that is to boycott foods produced from animals raised on factory farms. That can be challenging given how dominant factory farming has become. But its possible. Here's how you can start:

Buy direct from farms. One of the best ways to avoid food from factory farms is to buy direct from farms. You can connect online with farmers markets, subscription-based Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), buying clubs and farms at:

Buy USDA organic at the grocery store.

Even better, look for organic AND grassfed foods that are also:

Animal Welfare Approved

Levels 4, 5 or 5+ in the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards

American Grassfed Certified

Try going vegan every now and then. Going vegan is probably the only sure way to avoid food from factory farms when you eat out at restaurants. If you want to try vegan at home, there are plenty of nutrient-rich plant-based superfoods, and much evidence supporting the health benefits of a vegan diet. Resources include:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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