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Costco Plans Fowl Project in Nebraska

A mighty band of citizen activists, along with the Nebraska Farmers Union, are taking on a city council and a corporate giant. And they need your help.

Retail giant Costco wants to build the largest chicken factory farm in the U.S., in Fremont, Nebraska. The city’s elected officials have approved the project. But the people and farmers in surrounding cities, whose lives will suffer the most, are fighting back.

Costco and the Fremont City Council are singing the same old tired tune, that a giant factory farm will bring jobs to the city.

What they don’t want Fremont residents to know, is that those jobs will be low-paid and dangerous, that the water pollution generated from another huge factory farm will be devastating for Nebraskans, whose water is already badly compromised by agricultural runoff, and that local farmers will get ripped off under contracts stacked in favor of the retail giant.

We’re so impressed with what Nebraska Communities United is doing to stop this project—including organizing workshops to help local farmers farm profitably, sustainably and independent of corporate control, that we’re asking you to do two things.

First, please let Costco know that consumers want chicken raised regeneratively and humanely—without antibiotics and other drugs.

Second, please contribute if you can to help Nebraska Communities United and the Nebraska Farmers Union fund an important water impact study and workshops for local farmers.

The industrial factory farm model has proven to be a failure. It’s time for companies like Costco to invest in organic regenerative farming operations—not more factory farms.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Costco: No giant factory farm in Nebraska!

Click to tweet a message to Costco. Post on Costco’s Facebook page. 

Call Costco’s customer service line at 1-800-774-2678. If you’re a member, tell them you’ll cancel your membership unless Costco halts its factory farm project.

Make a tax-deductible donation to help fight Costco's giant factory farm in Nebraska.