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COVID & the Great Reset: Pandemic or Plandemic?

Last Friday (Sept. 23) I talked on the phone with our friends and fellow activists at the headquarters in Florida, where a sophisticated and damaging cyberattack, no doubt orchestrated by the COVID/Pharma/Deep State, has temporarily brought down Mercola’s website servers, forcing them to rely on Substack for distribution of their daily newsletter and shutting down their ability to sell nutritional supplements and organic food directly over the internet. (Note: As of now, Mercola products are once again available for purchase over the internet.). 

The most recent attacks on Mercola, OCA, Children’s Health Defense, and other COVID/Ukraine truth-tellers, following three years of Establishment lies, censorship, de-platforming, slander, and direct economic sanctions/sabotage, are perhaps a sign that our grassroots networks and educational efforts are starting to seriously undermine the US and transcontinental power grab, the so-called Great Rest, of the global economic elite.

A growing number of independent scientists and analysts and the overwhelming majority of the American public have now “pierced the veil” of lies, fear-mongering, and propaganda. A critical mass of the body politic understand that the release or escape of SARS CoV-2 was not an act of nature, a so-called zoonotic spillover event, but rather a highly predictable and anticipated release or escape of a genetically engineered military/medical “dual-use” coronavirus.

The SARS-CoV-2 “Frankenvirus,” a joint project of US and Chinese scientists including Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli, and others was genetically engineered (most prominently the furin cleavage site of the SARS virus spike protein) to be highly transmissible to humans, whereas the original bat coronavirus was not. After genetic manipulation in the lab for widespread transmissibility, the SARS-CoV-2 virus had the biological capability to threaten and injure, or even kill, the most vulnerable sectors of the population (the elderly and those with serious pre-existing health problems, weakened immune systems, and multiple comorbidities), magnifying and exacerbating preexisting chronic diseases.

In a serious violation of an international treaty and a U.S. law on biological weapons, SARS-CoV-2 was jointly developed and financed by the Chinese military and the US Pentagon, with additional funding (likely to disguise the fact that it could be employed as an illegal bioweapon) from Fauci’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and the Chinese CDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Since the onset of COVID-19, both the Chinese Communist Party and the US government, along with the WHO and the World Economic Forum, aided and abetted by indentured virologists, public health officials, Establishment media, and politicians, have gone to great lengths to cover-up the lab origins of the virus and to brand critics of the official story as “Conspiracy Theorists.”  When backed into a corner by political grandstanding, US and Chinese officials have at times mutually accused one another of releasing the Wuhan “Chinese Virus” or the “US Fort Detrick” virus, although both Superpowers (who of course are major business partners) seem to prefer to stick to the natural spillover narrative, since it exonerates them both from mass negligence and murder.

Although “cases,” “hospitalizations” and “deaths” “from COVID” (as opposed to “with COVID-19”) were wildly inflated in 2020-21, utilizing flawed models, misleading data, and mis-calibrated PCR lab tests, the engineered virus (if left untreated in its early stages with effective drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and supplements such as vitamin D, quercetin, and zinc) certainly proved dangerous to millions of the elderly and those in poor health suffering from pre-existing medical conditions, such as obesity or heart disease. Nonetheless COVID-19 was and continues to be apparently no more hazardous to healthy adults with intact immune systems and the young than the seasonal flu, with weakened 2022 variants more akin to the common cold. Meanwhile reports of direct and collateral damage from the mandates and lockdown continue, with casualty figures from the forced genetically engineered “vaccines,” and overall (non-COVID) mortality deaths increasing each month.

As bioweapons and virology expert, Dr. Meryl Nass, explains:

“COVID the illness clearly came out of a laboratory … if you’re an honest scientist there’s no question about that. Even Jeffrey Sachs, who is a Nobel Prize winning economist and who was the leader of the COVID Recommendations Committee of The Lancet, has come out and said that it came from a lab. Whether the disease was designed to cause harm to people or whether it was just an experiment gone awry, we don’t know. But because of this lab origin the potential exists that certain features were actually built in deliberately to the virus that causes the disease. So it seems to cause more autoimmunity, more clotting, more damage to the inside of blood vessels, the vascular endothelium, than other coronaviruses.”

COVID-19 was widely predicted in advance by Fauci, Gates, the WEF, Big Pharma, the CIA, and the Chinese CDC, et al, with government responses (censorship, tracking, and quarantines) discussed/planned in advance at gatherings such as Event 201 in New York City in October 2019.

Once unleashed and fear-mongered, COVID-19 was used to justify societal lockdowns, mandates, vaccine passports, and the destruction of small businesses, retailers, and farms, consolidating power and unprecedented super profits in the hands of Silicon Valley billionaires, vaccine profiteers, and large multinational corporations. Generating widespread suspicion that the Pandemic was actually a Plandemic, numerous patents (on engineered varieties of the virus and potential vaccines or drugs) were filed and scientific articles published describing the process of engineering the virus to be highly transmissible, long before the pandemic was even officially announced.

The genetically engineered “messenger RNA” platforms behind the so-called COVID-19 vaccines were also already in the works well before the pandemic. They were just waiting for the opportunity to go mainstream which COVID provided, according to Nass.

Meryl Nass and supporting organizations including the OCA are endorsing a pledge to speak out against the injustice of vaccine mandates and the propaganda and censorship that’s run rampant since March 2020.

Nass explains:

“What we have to do is redo the emergency laws in the U.S., and I’ve suggested a pledge that we can ask people and candidates to take that will cause legislatures to review emergency rules.

So when an emergency is declared, you only get it for two weeks, if you’re a governor or a secretary of health or the president, and then by the end of two weeks the legislature or the Congress has to convene and hold hearings on whether they’re still in an emergency and whether they’ve done the right things for that emergency.

The pledge also asks for mandates to be lifted. It’s against U.S. law to mandate experimental products and everything under EUA is an investigational, experimental product. I’m happy for anyone to be vaccinated or wear masks who wants to, but there should be no mandates for those products.”

The pledge also demands an end to censorship, the restriction of communication between people, the propagandizing by government and private enterprises, and the collusion between government and social media, as well as a ban on gain-of-function research, which likely contributed to the creation of SARS-CoV-2 in the first place.

“The founders paid, in blood, for the freedoms we have,” Nass said. “And we have a lot of freedoms enshrined in law, but they’ve been taken from us under the guise of a pandemic. Now we have to fight with everything we’ve got to get them back before they’re gone forever.”

OCA has begun to prepare for high-profile, witnesses-under-oath Congressional hearings on the lab origins of COVID-19, expected to begin in early 2023. We are also working with lawyers to develop a legal strategy to bring the perpetrators of COVID-19 to justice. Stay tuned for further developments.

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