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Dark Days Ahead? Google Is Hiding Natural Health Content

Over the past year or so, we’ve experienced some disturbing trends. Fewer and fewer of our emails are reaching our subscribers. Fewer of our articles are turning up in Google searches. At times, our web traffic is far slower than normal.

Are we doing something wrong? Or is something more sinister at work?

Natural health websites, and GreenMedInfo, both recently reported that their content has been virtually scrubbed from Google search engines. GreenMedInfo also reports that its email service provider doesn’t appear to be delivering all the site's emails anymore.

It seems that industries like Big Pharma don’t like to be criticized. And they’re using their power (and obscene profits) to keep you in the dark as much as possible.

We’re big believers in the science that equates a healthy ecosystem and healthy food with human health.

That’s why we’re also strong believers in natural health strategies as an important alternative to the western medical model that thrives on pushing drugs to treat diseases that could be treated, or prevented, by pursuing a nutrient-dense, chemical-free diet.

As those beliefs—along with our commitment to your right to know—attract more attention, we’re seeing a decline in our ability to share important information, especially information corporations view as hazardous to their image or profits.

OCA could soon be in the same boat as sites like Mercola and GreenMedInfo—which means you'll be in the dark more than ever.

We need your help. Please share our emails widely with your networks—at least for now, Big Tech can’t prevent you from sharing our content from your personal email.

And please make a donation if you can. We’re going to need to invest in the newer platforms and newer technologies that are emerging in response to growing efforts to censor content that big corporations don’t want you to see. Thank you!

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