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Demand a #GreenStimulus for a Regenerative Food System!

Today, as Congress works on a 4th COVID-19 stimulus bill, we ask you to once again contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives.

COVID-19 has exposed how fragile our food system is, and how urgently we need policies that can advance a regenerative and resilient food system.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Tell Congress you demand a #GreenStimulus for a regenerative and resilient food system during the pandemic and beyond.

We’ve always pushed for a food system that can regenerate the resources needed to keep everyone nourished and healthy—one that can be resilient in the face of a crisis.

Now, during this crisis, it's more urgent than ever that Congress act to protect our food system. That's why we're asking you to contact your members of Congress today.

Congress must act. But in the meantime, there are steps we all can take to promote food sovereignty and food access in our own communities. Please consider taking action right now, in your own backyard.

Here are three steps you can take to help safeguard your own food security during this crisis by making your community’s food system more regenerative and resilient:

1. Secure your food supply for the season by signing up for CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)herdshares, or bulk meat orders with local farms.

2. Help your local farmers on the farm or with distribution. This could be something you do without leaving your home, like organizing neighbors to make a bulk purchase for a single drop point. Or it could be more hands-on, like volunteering to be a “Relief Milker” at a local dairy.

3. Plant a Coronavirus Victory Garden. You don’t need to have land or know how to farm to do this. Our friends at the Experimental Farm Network have formed the Cooperative Gardens Commission to link up people who are interested in starting a farm or garden but don't have access to all of the resources needed. Read about their effort in the New York Times.

These grassroots efforts will be a lot more effective if Congress steps up to make money available to support our family farmers and local food systems.

But until federal lawmakers act, we, the people, will have to lead the local food revolution.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress you demand a #GreenStimulus for a regenerative and resilient food system during the pandemic and beyond.