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Dirt Matters. Here's How to Help Spread the Word!

Dirt matters. 

So says a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the link between healthy soil, healthy humans and a healthy ecosystem.

According to a recent article in Force of Nature:

The complexity of the soil microbiome, and the way it affects the health of all other creatures in the ecosystem and the food chain, is simply stunning.

The authors of the article argue that though “the health of most of the planet’s soil is currently in dire straits,” there’s an obvious solution:

Only by changing our agricultural system, by reverting to a system in which all organisms in an ecosystem—a diversity of plants, animals, insects, and microorganisms—are recognized as crucial to the survival of the ecosystem, can we ensure that our soil, crops, animals, and even our digestive health, will thrive.

Want to be part of the growing movement to advocate for healthy soils? Sign up for this Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Training. (Get a 20-percent discount when you use this code: REGEN2020).

We’ve partnered with Kiss the Ground to offer a 7-week training program to empower activists, students, farmers, business owners and concerned citizens to spread awareness about the potential of regenerative agriculture to rebuild soil, replenish water cycles, reverse global warming and improve human health worldwide.

The first training program starts Wednesday, January 22. Here’s what you’ll get:

• A 7-week program to jumpstart your advocacy for regenerative agriculture

• Ability to speak on healthy soil as a solution for global warming, flooding, drought, human health, food security, freshwater availability, farmer prosperity, and extinction/biodiversity loss.

• Increased ability to confidently speak and present in public

• A customizable slide deck to edit and organize for your talks long or short

• A community of like-minded and inspired activists from all over the world

• Monthly "All Advocate" webinars

• Never ending access to videos of your course's lectures + exercises + and links

• Never ending access to Kiss the Ground's Leadership Hub

As individuals, we sometimes think problems like industrial ag lobbying, climate change, the worldwide degradation of Earth’s soils are too big for one person to be able to have an impact.

But every successful movement starts with awareness. And awareness spreads from people like you advocating for a cause. 

Since January 2018, Kiss the Ground has trained more than 1,800 Soil Advocates, from 25 countries. These “good soil ambassadors” are now actively sharing and implementing the solution to some of the biggest problems facing our planet today, including global warming, droughts, flooding, food insecurity and the impact of nutrient-poor food on public health.

They’re making a difference. And so can you.

Sign up today for the Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Training. (Get a 20-percent discount when you use this code: REGEN2020).

Healthy soils and regenerative agriculture rank at the top of the list of the most important solutions of our time. Please help us build a bigger movement!