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Health Freedom Manifesto: A Call for Dignity and Reform During Covid-19

Here are the three key takeaways from this Health Freedom Manifesto:

1.     We declare ourselves a Movement for Health Freedom and Vaccine Safety Reform.

2.     We demand significant public health reforms and changes to our vaccine programs.

3.    We call upon each individual to unite and demand these reforms.

Forced vaccination is becoming one of the most significant civil rights issue of the 21st century. Can we freely refuse a vaccine if we have concerns regarding safety, toxic ingredients, and potential harms? Do we own our bodies, or does the state? Do we have rights in the face of a giant government-techno-medical industrial complex that acts as a branch of government?

We all come from different circumstances. You might have a vaccine-injured child, unvaccinated, or one that has received all their vaccines so far. You might be Democrat or Republican or an independent activist. Maybe you have had enough with our rights being taken away in the name of public health, science, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though sometimes you might feel alone, there are millions of people like us!  You may pass us on the street without knowing what we truly believe. We may live in your same county or your same state, or we may be halfway around the world.

The issue at hand binds us together despite our different circumstances and beliefs. Sovereignty over one's own body is what we share in common.

We are empowered to live our lives as we decide best, and we refuse any attempts by medical, pharma, and political systems to control our bodies, our lives, and that of our families.

We assert the following from public health and government officials:

• We have full human autonomy and fundamental human dignity of our bodies, outside the state’s interference.

• We maintain that medicine must provide full informed consent, entirely free from coercion, retaliation, and lies of omission.

Any removal of human rights should be temporary and justified under a strict criterion of emergency. Any pandemic responses need to be backed by evidence-based standards.

• Full transparency and independent regulatory oversight are needed to prevent this opportunism and to remove conflicts of interest.

• We emphasize the need for freedom of speech, freedom of body, and the Constitution’s upholding during this and other future pandemics.

• The sovereignty of the patient-physician relationship, which allows physicians to express their thoughts freely, needs to be protected from government coercion.

If you believe in the above, then you are one of us. WE ARE A MOVEMENT. WE ARE MANY. WE CANNOT BE IGNORED.

We demand the following from public health and government officials:

• A vaccine safety program that has done double-blind comparisons using an inert saline placebo and that has studied the cumulative effects of increasing numbers of vaccines on a populace with varied environmental and genetic sensitivities.

• Government and citizen checks and balances that provide limits to potential abuses of power due to pandemic measures.

• Recognition that the use of vaccine mandates is fundamentally unethical and in violation of individual sovereignty.  

• Removal of liability protection from the vaccine manufacturers.

• Restrictions on the pharmaceutical industry to advertise and market to the general public and government funds to restrict individual health freedom.

• An expanded purview of public health beyond just infectious diseases, one that recognizes the effects of environmental toxins, such as 5G, pesticides, chemicals, and vaccines, on health.

• Recognition of vaccine injury as real and an end to the systematic denial that prevents its full investigation.

• Recognition of the roles of natural immunity, proper nutrition, and avoidance of environmental toxins in overall health and in preventing infectious disease transmission,

• Reform of the public health system to remove industry financial conflicts of interest, conflicts that create biased drug and vaccine policy.

Our voices will be heard by our society's powerful interests, by the politicians, scientists, doctors, public health specialists, decision-makers, and corporatists! It is time to rise!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities have asked us to be willfully compliant for the community's good, but they have abused their privilege by overriding our fundamental rights.

What we need you to do now is the following:

• Join as many of the groups in the Vaccine Safety and Vaccine Choice Movement as you can (including ICANChildren's Health DefenseMAMMNVIC, your state group, and other groups fighting for health freedom). If there is no local group in your area, then form one with the like-minded.

• Stay in contact with the above groups, and, when a call-to-action arrives, ACT with all your heart and might.Millions will be doing it with you. Support any local protests you know of by reputable groups.

• Spread our news and calls-to-actions. In the face of growing censorship, we rely upon you to be our voice.Spread these to friends, families, thought leaders, politicians, and decision-makers in your area.

• Vigorously refuse and fight against any vaccine mandates and any coercion tools that encourage their uptake. They both win when they institutionalize the practice of removing rights under the guise of infectious diseases.

Make a copy of this manifesto. Rewrite it in your own words if you choose, and share it. They can censor this document or a website. But they cannot censor our collective voice and the voices of millions!