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Help us write the ending to this story.

The storyline right now is this: A jury in California hands a huge victory to one of Monsanto’s victims, accusing the biotech giant of causing a man’s cancer, with “malice and oppression.” 

That one victory pushes up the number of similar lawsuits against Monsanto to more than 8,000.

California’s Supreme Court says “no” to Monsanto—and “yes” to requiring manufacturers whose products contain glyphosate to tell consumers that their products could cause cancer.

Chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which recently paid $66 billion to acquire Monsanto, watches its stock price plummet.

Cities from Santa Rosa, California, to Austin, Texas, ban Roundup in public parks.

Those are the latest in a string of plot twists. And they've all happened in less than one month’s time.

Things are going our way in this, the latest chapter in a story that began decades ago, when Monsanto corrupted the EPA in order to push its GMO and Roundup products on an unsuspecting public.

But how the story ends, whether consumers and common sense prevail over the powerful, corruptive ways of Monsanto, depends on what we do next, together.

That’s why I’m asking for your help today, to meet our fall fundraising goal of $200,000 by midnight, September 22. Please make a generous donation online, by phone or by mail—details here.

I’m more hopeful than ever that we can topple the biochemical industry that has made our food so toxic, our soil and water so polluted.

But hope alone won’t get Monsanto’s, or anyone else’s, toxic chemicals out of our food and environment. 

We have to work at it. We have to have a plan. 

Fortunately, we have that plan. But we need you to help us execute it.

The plan involves keeping up relentless pressure on Monsanto. 

It involves consumer education. It involves campaigns targeting companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Bigelow, Florida Natural and others that sell products contaminated with Roundup.

It involves using the courts, at every turn, to protect us—including presenting a bulletproof argument in our own lawsuit against Monsanto for the deceptive labeling of Roundup sold in stores like Costco and Walmart.

It involves campaigns targeting school boards and city councils.

But our plan goes nowhere unless it involves you. We need your support now, more than ever. Please help us meet our fall fundraising goal of $200,000 by midnight, September 22. You can donate online, by phone or by mail—details here. 

We are riding a wave of victories right now. And that's all the more reason to work even harder.

The story of you against Monsanto still needs an ending. Please help us write it.

Thank you.

Ronnie Cummins




  Ronnie Cummins
  International Director

P.S. Don’t let Monsanto write the ending to your story. Because if you do, it won’t turn out well for you. Please support our fall fundraising campaign by donating online, by phone or by mail—details here.

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