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Impossible Burger CEO Is Full of Baloney. Here's Why.

The Impossible Burger—deceptively marketed as “natural”—already contains a genetically engineered ingredient, a yeast referred to as “heme.” 

Now, Impossible Foods, the maker of the fake meat patty, is adding a new GE ingredient: genetically engineered soy.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown: GMO Soy is bad for consumers, bad for the planet!

Impossible Foods wants you to think the switch to GMO soy was motivated by the company’s “commitment to consumers and our planet.”

But that’s simply not true. We explain why, in our article, “Six Reasons Impossible Burger’s CEO Is Wrong about GMO Soy.”

Burger-loving consumers who care about their health, and the health of the environment, are likely to choose burgers made from 100% grass-fed beef—not a lab-grown fake meat product made with GMO ingredients.

Why choose regeneratively raised 100% grass-fed burgers?

With more nutrients, and less risk of harmful pathogens, grass-fed beef is better for your health.

And when managed properly, cows raised on grass can have a net-positive impact on the environment—by improving soil carbon sequestration and ecosystem biodiversity, and by reducing the need for toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In his article, Brown says his company’s mission is to end the use of animals in food production by 2035. 

But the real mission of Impossible Foods is to generate profits for Brown and his shareholders. That’s why the company is keen to sell its Impossible Burger to fast-food restaurant chains, where it’s certain they won’t be labeled.

Brown plays fast and loose with the facts in his article, then writes: “Noise from anti-genetic engineering fundamentalists is inevitable.”

Let’s make some noise. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown: GMO Soy is bad for consumers, bad for the planet!


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