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The Lie That Won't Die

Monsanto and the rest of the Biotech Giants promised that GMO foods would reduce pesticide use, increase the nutritional content of food, boost farmers’ profits and feed the world by increasing yields.

Instead, they turned glyphosate into one of the most widely and recklessly used herbicides in history—and destroyed the natural biodiversity so critical for a resilient ecosystem.

Now, we’re fighting back . . . with a plan for regeneration., a founding member of our sister organization, Regeneration International, has designated March 1 - 7 “Regenerative Food & Farming Awareness Week.”

Also this week, Mercola is featuring our director, Ronnie Cummins, in several articles about degenerative vs. regenerative food and farming, including this one: "Genetically Engineered Food—The Lie That Won’t Die."

In this new article by Ronnie, he writes:

“Ever since the first genetically modified (GMO) foods and animal drugs, the Flavr Savr tomato43 and recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), came onto the U.S. market in 1994, the biotech industry has been waging a public relations war to get the public to accept genetically engineered food.

“But studies continue to show that the public doesn’t buy it, and doesn’t want to eat it. Most are concerned about health,44 and rightly so. Others are worried about the damage these crops cause to the environment. These are legitimate concerns, as are those about corporate control of our food.”

Please read Ronnie’s article and follow Mercola’s Regenerative Food & Farming Awareness Week.”

Then please make a donation this week to support our work to advance a transition to organic regenerative agriculture, to take advantage of this one-week only triple match.