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Looking Backward

Although the three words that I would use to describe 2020-2021 are diabolical, insane, and tragic, the good news is that there are unmistakable signs of awakening, resistance, and Regeneration emerging as we move into 2022 and beyond.

The lab-engineered pandemic, COVID-19, a diabolical, Chinese-American chimera of genetic engineering, vaccine profiteering, and “dual-use” bioweaponry, appears to be waning. Nonetheless the powers that be continue to manipulate the media, distort health statistics, and censor alternative information on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention and treatment of COVID-19, forcing authoritarian mandates on the public and attempting to keep the majority of body politic whipped up into an insane panic.

Instead of reducing fear (by pointing out the relatively mild symptoms of Omicron and the near-total lack of risk posed by SARS-CoV-2 to children, students, healthy adults, and those who have developed natural immunity) and encouraging people to cooperate together, across class, ethnic, cultural, and geographic boundaries, to stop the reckless lab engineering of pathogens and to regenerate people’s health and immune systems, we the people are being incited by hyper-partisan politicians and Big Pharma-funded media to fight among ourselves.

In the official narrative, people are encouraged, not to question the elite dominance of our lives, the omnipresence of surveillance capitalism, or the toxic food and environmental pollution which destroy our natural immune systems and set us up for chronic diseases and engineered pathogens, but rather to shame and bully one another. Democrats versus Republicans, urban versus rural, North versus South, the vaccinated against the unvaxxed, the masked versus the unmasked—ignoring the fact that the Constitution has been shredded and that indentured politicians and unelected bureaucrats have assumed unprecedented, dictatorial powers.

Instead of eating healthy foods, strengthening our immune systems, providing special protection for the most vulnerable, and utilizing effective, safe, and inexpensive generic drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and Vitamin D, Quercetin, zinc, Vitamin C, and Melatonin supplements, Big Pharma has treated us like guinea pigs.  Ignoring early treatment and prevention, censoring the experiences and successes of front-line doctors, the medical Establishment has instead mandated expensive, useless, and dangerous drugs such as Remdesivir and rushed-to-market experimental vaccines.

Even as you read this, Big Pharma is carrying out dangerous lab research (genetic engineering and animal passaging) on new patented, experimental drugs such as Merck’s Molnupiravir, despite warnings of mutagenic (carcinogenic) effects in humans and dangers that a manipulated pathogen such as Omicron can accidentally “ping pong” back from an immune-compromised patient to a humanized lab-engineered mouse and then back to a human.

Obsessing over the latest mass media propaganda and sensationalism, i.e. the new dominant (in fact, thank goodness relatively harmless) SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, the elite want you to forget that a vast number of small and minority-owned businesses, and millions of workers have been forced into poverty and hardship by the lockdowns. While a generation of children and students have been traumatized and set back in their learning, while hundreds of millions across the world have been driven into poverty, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, and the billionaires want you to ignore the fact that they have parlayed the Crisis, which was long anticipated and planned for in pandemic simulations
such as Event 201, into a 21st Century “Great Reset” that has vastly increased their wealth and power.

It is no exaggeration to point out that our new bio-medical Commissars, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Jeremy Farrar, Klaus Schwab et. al (and their counterparts in China) now exercise a stranglehold over the global economy, the mass media, and public policy.

Despite the fact that Omicron appears to be relatively harmless, more like the common cold, far less dangerous than the flu, the fear-mongers point to rapidly rising “cases” of Omicron and warn that health facilities will soon be overwhelmed unless you shut up, roll up your sleeves (and the sleeves of your children) for the next booster jab, keep your masks on, and, above all, obey Big Brother. Fortunately, there are increasing signs of resistance to this tyranny, not only in the U.S., but across the world, including lawsuits, protests, legislation, and mass civil disobedience.

Despite decreasing hospitalizations and deaths from COVID, especially in basically non-vaccinated nations in Africa, where Ivermectin and malaria medicine (Hydroxychloquinine), are commonly distributed, and where natural herd immunity is widespread, the bio-medical security state continues to insist that everyone—young and old, healthy and non-healthy alike, naturally recovered and immune or not—submit to Big Pharma’s “emergency use” injections and boosters. Several billion people have now been injected with these patented, diabolically-profitable, experimental “vaccines,” that neither prevent you from getting COVID nor prevent you from spreading it to others, with adverse reactions, heart disease, miscarriages, and deaths from the jabs increasing rapidly.

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