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Tell to Stop Selling Fake CBD!

Consumer alert: Before you pay $200 an ounce for what you think is a premium, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, be aware that doesn’t actually sell CBD. 

TAKE ACTION! Tell Amazon to stop selling fake CBD!

Ever search for “CBD” on If you’ve bought any of the products that come up, including the site’s “Best Seller,” it’s likely you’ve been fleeced.

According to’s drug and paraphernalia policy, “Items containing CBD/cannabinoid or full spectrum hemp oil, including topical products, are prohibited from listing or sale on Amazon.”

And yet, when you search “CBD” on, this policy doesn’t come up—but dozens of products do.

When the Organic & Natural Health Association tested the products associated with the search term “CBD,” only one contained CBD.

That one product contained 7.7 mg of CBD per 30 drops, far less than the “New Age Premium Hemp Oil 1000 MG” promised—but a lot more than you would expect, given’s CBD prohibition.

The temptation to trick people into buying $200 bottles of vegetable oil must be too much for Jeff Bezos (search “CBD” on and then filter by price from high to low to see the most expensive products). Bezos just can’t let that 15 percent commission go.

This fraud must stop!

TAKE ACTION! Tell to stop selling fake CBD!