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There's a Map for that!

What could be better this Thanksgiving than giving thanks to the farmers who made your Thanksgiving feast possible?

Thanking farmers every day, by buying local organic regenerative all year round. 

Trouble finding the best farmers in your area? We’ve made it easy, by creating a map of nearly 2,000 verified regenerative producers. Check it out here!

Family farmers need your help more than ever right now.

Industry consolidation has all but destroyed the family dairy farm.

Unprecedented flooding devastated many farms in the midwest this year. Some of them may never recover.

According to a recent report from Iowa State University, 44 percent of Iowa’s farmers don’t have enough cash to pay their bills. 

Meanwhile, industrial mega-factory farms, artificially propped up by taxpayer-funded subsidies, keep small independent farms at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.

What organic regenerative farmers need most right now are consumers like you.

In fact, many of the farmers we talk to tell us the only way they’re going to make it is by selling direct to consumers—profit margins are so thin, they have to eliminate the middleman.

If you’d like to support your local organic and regenerative farmers more, but just don’t have the time to do the research to determine which ones are farming in line with your values, you’re in luck.

Our team spent countless hours, days, weeks and months doing the research for you. Check out the map!

There are lots of reasons to buy organic regeneratively produced fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. 

Local organic and regenerative food is better for your health. Better for the health of the environment—including fighting climate change. And it’s better for your local economy.

Want to help us make the map better? If we’ve missed a regenerative farm in your area, please let us know by filling out this form.

Not sure if your local farm is regenerative? Check out the definition here. Still not sure? Call us: 952-777-3239