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The Truth About COVID-19: What Now?

For the past 18 months OCA and our allies have done our best to search out and expose the shocking (and highly-censored) truth about COVID-19: its origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment. You can look at what we’ve discovered in my new best-selling book, The Truth About COVID-19, co-authored with Dr. Joseph Mercola, with a powerful Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, which was released at the end of April.  Beyond this book, you can read the extensive, daily-updated, archives on COVID-19 compiled by OCA here, here, and here, as well as the archives of our long-time ally U.S. Right to Know.

So what have we accomplished in terms of COVID Truth–Telling?

First of all we, and an international network of independent investigators and scientists, have thoroughly debunked the “official story” (propagated by Communist China, global gene-engineers, military contractors, the U.S. government, Big Pharma, Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates) that COVID-19 was a natural occurrence, unpredictable and unavoidable, and that critics like us pointing to overwhelming evidence of a lab release are nothing more than tinfoil-hat “conspiracy theorists,” embittered right-wing fanatics, or disinformation specialists.

A poll taken several months ago by Politico and Harvard University indicates that even then (with new evidence coming out daily) 59% of Republican voters and 52% of Democrats believe that SARS CoV-2 came out of an unregulated, accident-prone (dual-use, military and biomedical) virology lab in Wuhan, China. As Yahoo news pointed out: “The survey found that 52 percent of Americans believe coronavirus leaked from a lab, compared with 28 percent who think the pandemic started following human contact with an infected animal. Support for the lab-leak theory is bipartisan, with 52 percent of Democrat and 59 percent of Republican respondents backing the theory.”

More and more people now understand that all risky, gain-of-function experiments that engineer viruses, bacteria, and insects to become more deadly should be banned, not only in the US and China, but worldwide. OCA’s petition to ban gain-of-function experimentation now has over 65,000 signatures. Please, if you haven’t signed our petition already, do so now, and ask everyone you know to do the same.

Second of all, more and more people are becoming aware that the “official story” on the nature and virulence of COVID-19 is based on Big Pharma propaganda, faulty statistics, manipulated research, partisan politicking, and panic-mongering journalism, rather than sound science. The official propaganda narrative is that COVID-19 (and now, its highly transmissible, but less virulent variants) pose a mortal threat to everyone, young and old, healthy and unhealthy alike, those with high Vitamin D levels and strong immune systems, as well as those with weak immune systems, i.e. the elderly and immune-compromised, and those with serious and often multiple co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. All of these notions are now being exposed as propaganda rather than fact, propagated 24/7 by those with economic interests in rushed-to market experimental vaccines, drug advertising, government/military contracts, and expensive (and ineffective) patented drugs such as remdesivir. 

In addition more and more people, including a growing number of doctors and health care providers are starting to understand and point out that the 100 million+ Americans (and several billion across the world) that have already developed strong natural antibodies after recovering from COVID have strong natural immunity, apparently far stronger immunity than the short-lived immunity of those who have been injected voluntarily or under pressure with Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra-Zeneca “vaccines” and boosters. In the words of Children’s Health Defense, the Biden administration (and blue state governors and mayors) denial of natural immunity, and insistyence on mandatory injections is “tearing the nation apart.”

The bottom line is that there is no valid scientific, ethical, or political reason (as opposed to greed, social control, and partisan politics) to be injecting children, students, recovered COVID victims, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those in good health with experimental drugs, especially experimental drugs, according to official VAERS reports, as of October 1, that have caused 778,000 adverse reactions, 16,000 deaths, and 111,000 serious injuries  with potential long term damage to millions more. No wonder a number of Scandinavian countries are now banning injections of these experimental drugs into youth.

Last but not least, we and our allies are exposing the truth on the prevention and treatment of COVID, unraveling the official story that these Trump/Biden Warp Speed experimental vaccines are completely safe, effective at preventing infection, and long-lasting. Latest research from 68 nations shows that in fact the most highly vaccinated countries are experiencing the most new cases of COVID-19. Even the militantly pro-vaccine, European Journal of Epidemiology Vaccines recently admitted that the “sole reliance” on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences “needs to be re-examined,” and that “Other pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions may need to be put in place alongside increasing vaccination rates…” and moreover that “stigmatizing populations over vaccines can do more harm than good, and non-pharmacological prevention efforts needs to be renewed in order to learn to live with COVID in the same manner we continue to live 100 years later with various seasonal alterations of the 1918 Influenza virus.”

Meanwhile, Children’s Health defense points out that latest reports from several highly vaccinated nations indicate that those infected with COVID after being vaccinated are apparently experiencing more serious symptoms than those previously unvaccinated. 

It is now abundantly clear, according to medical professionals such as the Frontline Doctors for COVID Critical Care that natural immunity and alternative prevention and early treatment with off-patent, inexpensive drugs such as Ivermectin (and a protocol that includes Vitamin D, quercetin, zinc, and melatonin)  are actually much safer and more effective than Big Pharma’s experimental vaccines.

Ronnie Cummins is co-founder of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Regeneration International. To keep up with OCA’s news and alerts, sign up here.