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What Really Happened at Wuhan?

Since the onset of the international health and political crisis precipitated by COVID-19, I’ve been obsessively reading articles, scientific papers, and books on the pandemic and watching videos and podcasts. I’ve been discussing and exchanging emails with my closest and most well-informed activist and scientific counterparts across the globe, on a daily basis, especially focusing on the now obvious lab origins and genetic engineering of SARS CoV-2 and the Establishment cover up and censorship that is now unraveling. I’ve written and selected for publication in this newsletter numerous articles and videos, and co-authored a best-selling book with Dr. Joseph Mercola, The Truth About COVID-19 on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19.

In preparation for our upcoming campaign to defund and ban the Mad Science of weaponizing viruses, bacteria, and insects, euphemistically called Gain-of-Function research, that gave rise to COVID-19, I’ve doubled-down on my research. This week I just read and then reread an important book on the origins of the pandemic, written by an Australian investigative reporter Sharri Markson, entitled What Really Happened at Wuhan: The Cover Ups, the Conspiracies, and the Classified Research.

Harper Collins Publishers summarizes the book well:

“The origins of Covid-19 are shrouded in mystery. Scientists and government officials insisted, for a year and a half, that the virus had a natural origin, ridiculing anyone who dared contradict this view. Tech giants swept the internet, censoring and silencing debate in the most extreme fashion. Yet it is undeniable that a secretive facility in Wuhan was immersed in genetically manipulating bat-coronaviruses in perilous experiments. And as soon as the news of an outbreak in Wuhan leaked, the Chinese military took control and gagged all laboratory insiders.

“… What Really Happened in Wuhan is a ground-breaking investigation from leading journalist Sharri Markson into the origins of Covid-19, the cover ups, the conspiracies and the classified research. It features never-before-seen primary documents exposing China's concealment of the virus, fresh interviews with whistle blower doctors in Wuhan and crucial eyewitness accounts that dismantle what we thought we knew about when the outbreak hit.

“With unprecedented access to Washington insiders, Markson takes you inside the White House, with senior Trump lieutenants revealing first-hand accounts of fiery Oval Office clashes and new stories of compromised government advisors and censored scientists.

“Bravely reported and chillingly laid out, Markson brings to light the stories of the pandemic from the people on the ground: the scientists and national security officials who raised uncomfortable truths and were labelled conspiracy theorists,
until government agencies began to suspect they might have been right all along.”

Up until this book by Sharri Markson, very few investigators, except for Alexis Baden-Mayer of the OCA and Whitney Webb from Unlimited Hangout, have pointed out that most of the money going to the reckless genetic engineering of Potential Pathogenic Pathogens (PPPs) has come from the military industrial complex of the U.S., China, and other nations, rather than just from Big Pharma, vaccine entrepreneurs, far exceeding the money coming from government public health funders such as Anthony Fauci’s NIAID, the U.S. and Chinese Centers for Disease Control, and others.

The Pentagon and global military institutions call the type of genetic engineering and lab manipulation carried out at Wuhan, China, Fort Detrick, Maryland, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston, the University of Wisconsin, and hundreds of other bio-safety labs “dual-use” research, meaning that it has both medical and biological weapon potential. Under international treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, lab engineering of biological weapons is strictly prohibited. This is why the Pentagon and the Chinese military prefer to fund “dual use” research such as the PPP research that has caused numerous lab leaks in the past and the accidental escape (or deliberate release) at Wuhan that unleashed COVID-19, as Markson’s book reveals.

To learn more about Markson’s book and order a copy, go here: What Really Happened In Wuhan

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Ronnie Cummins is co-founder of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Regeneration International. To keep up with OCA’s news and alerts, sign up here.