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Who Cares About Your Kids' Health? Not the EPA.

Who cares about your child’s health? Not the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA this week confirmed what many Americans already know: When the Trump administration weighs the competing interests of corporate profits versus public health, the corporations win, hands down.

Wheeler announced Thursday that despite what independent scientists say is a wealth of evidence tying the popular insecticide known as chlorpyrifos to neurodevelopmental damage in children, the pesticide should continue to be applied by farmers to foods that children regularly consume, including apples, grapes, broccoli and cherries.

That decision comes even though residues of chlorpyrifos in food and water are known by scientists to contribute to a range of cognitive problems in kids, such as a reduced IQ. Studies have shown that even pregnant women’s exposure can have an impact on their children.

What to do? Chlorpyrifos is prohibited in organic production—so choose certified organic fruits and vegetables, especially when you’re shopping for children.

And just because the EPA won’t protect kids, doesn’t mean states can’t. Hawaii, California and New York already have. Your state can, too—please ask.

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TAKE ACTION: Tell your state lawmakers: Ban chlorpyrifos!