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A 'Wild Experiment' Gone Wrong

Companies like Monsanto and Cargill have spent the last couple decades trying to convince you that GMO crops and foods are the only way to “feed the world.”

But industrial ag’s wild experiment—using toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, genetically engineered seeds and factory farms—has proven to be a disaster . . . for our soil and water, for farmers, or farm animals and for our public health.

This week only, your donation will be TRIPLED! You can donate online, by phone or by mail, details here., a founding member of our sister organization, Regeneration International, has designated March 1 - 7 “Regenerative Food & Farming Awareness Week.”

To mark the occasion, Mercola will donate $3 for every $1 you donate to support our work to educate consumers and lobby policymakers to support organic regenerative farmers instead of the industrial agribusiness corporations that are responsible for so much destruction.

Also this week, Mercola is featuring our director, Ronnie Cummins, in several articles about degenerative vs. regenerative food and farming. 

The first is this video interview with Ronnie, in which he says:

“What I talk about here is the next stage of organic food and farming, which we're calling regenerative. Regenerative organic food and farming, and the way we use the land, including forestry, can really solve a lot of these problems [environmental pollution, public health crisis, rural poverty and the climate emergency] that we have, that on the surface people are attributing to other factors.”

Please watch the interview, and follow Mercola’s Regenerative Food & Farming Awareness Week.”

Then please make a donation this week to support our work to advance a transition to organic regenerative agriculture, to take advantage of this one-week only triple match.