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'Yes, that's as nasty as it sounds.'

I’ve been following the news about Hurricane Florence, and its tragic consequences for the people of North Carolina—the destruction of their lives, homes and land.

If you’ve been tracking the situation, too, you’ve seen the gruesome photos and headlines about the millions of chickens, turkeys and hogs left to drown on North Carolina’s factory farms. 

You’ve also read reports of what it means when huge lagoons full of pig manure—disgusting enough when intact—overflow.

The word “Monsanto” probably wasn’t the first word to pop into your head as you read these grim headlines. 

But let’s not forget: Monsanto’s GMO crops and toxic weedkillers are the linchpin of our horrendous industrial factory farm system.

And that won’t change, unless we all work to make it change.

We are still short of our fall fundraising goal. Can you pitch in with a donation by midnight, September 22, to help us keep up the pressure on Monsanto and factory farms? You can donate online, by phone or by mail—details here.

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