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You Have the Right to the Truth

Every day, for eight weeks, I sat in a San Francisco courtroom.

I listened as Dewayne “Lee” Johnson described, in excruciating detail, how non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a painful and potentially terminal cancer, robbed him of his health. 

I watched the spectacle of Monsanto’s lawyers trying to deny that Roundup weedkiller caused Lee’s cancer. 

I watched Monsanto’s hired guns tap dance and dissemble, as they tried to explain Monsanto’s herculean 40-year campaign to hide the truth about Roundup’s deadly cancer-causing properties.

I know that my many friends like you, who support OCA, have been doing your part for years to expose Monsanto and to bring down this criminal enterprise.

That’s why this $289-million verdict for Lee Johnson is your victory, too.

This recent win makes our joint mission much clearer: We must leverage the short-term victory and win the long game.

That’s why I’m asking for your support for the Organic Consumers Association. OCA needs to meet its fall fundraising goal of $200,000 by midnight, September 22. Please make a generous donation online, by phone or by mail—details here.

Every citizen has the right to a poison-free environment, to clean drinking water, to pesticide-free food.

And you have the right to the truth.

Sadly, using the strategies pioneered by Big Tobacco to escape accountability for its lethal product for 60 years, Monsanto captured our regulatory agencies, corrupted our public officials, bribed scientists, ghostwrote science, and lied to consumers, farmers, gardeners and the public.

Our recent landmark trial is the turning point we’ve been waiting for. 

But our success will depend on what we do next.

Together, we must turn this legal victory into hundreds, or thousands of similar victories, against Monsanto.

Together, we must keep Monsanto in the news and in the courtrooms, until Roundup is banned, everywhere.

Please help OCA meet its fall fundraising goal of $200,000 by midnight, September 22. You can donate online, by phone or by mail—details here.

I promise not to abandon this big fist fight against Monsanto until glyphosate is relegated to history’s toxic dustheap, our children have safe food, and the butterflies, bees and songbirds can return to America’s fields and forests. 

We can do this. Please help us.